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Earlier this month in Edgemere, the driver of an SUV lost control after rear-ending another car and ended up crashing into a school cafeteria. According to a report by one local news source, the driver of the SUV slammed into the back of another car while driving north on North Point Road. After crashing into the other vehicle, the SUV then lost control and ended up in the cafeteria of Sparrow’s Point High School.

Evidently, when emergency workers arrived on the scene, the SUV was overturned and the driver trapped inside. They had to extricate the driver before flying him to Shock Trauma in Baltimore. The driver of the vehicle that was rear-ended did not suffer any major injuries.

Fortunately, the accident occurred around 9:30 at night, and there were no students in the cafeteria at the time of the accident. Police are currently conducting an in-depth investigation into the accident and will determine if charges should be pressed against any of the drivers involved.

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Earlier this week in Silver Spring, a four-car accident injured 13 people, sending several to the hospital. According to a report by one local news source, the accident took place near the 16900 block of Norwood Road, near the intersection with Excalibur Lane, around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Evidently, a Toyota Corolla was stopped on Norwood Road, waiting to make a left turn, when a Mitsubishi approached from the rear and slammed into the Toyota. The force of the impact sent the Toyota into oncoming traffic. Once in the lane of oncoming traffic, the Toyota crashed head-on into a Chevy Tahoe. This collision sent the Tahoe into a Dodge minivan and then off the roadway.

Paramedics were on the scene and treated the drivers and passengers in the cars and the SUV. They were able to be treated on the scene, and their minor injuries did not result in hospitalization. However, the driver and passengers of the minivan all sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash. Police explained to reporters that all people involved were properly restrained in either seat belts or car seats and credit the lack of fatalities to this fact.

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Last week in Scaggsville, a major accident shut down portions of the highway for several hours and injured eight people. According to a report by one local news source, the accident occurred around 4:45 in the afternoon on Route 29 south, just north of Johns Hopkins Road.

Evidently, the driver of a Honda SUV was driving erratically and crashed into two other vehicles while driving north on Route 29. After crashing into the other vehicles, the SUV ended up airborne and crossed into the southbound lanes, where it landed on a Dodge truck. The SUV continued its path of destruction, eventually colliding with another truck before ultimately coming to a rest in the southbound lanes.

Thankfully, no one was killed. However, a total of eight people were injured in the accident. Four others were involved but escaped without injury. Of those injured, several were ejected when one of the vehicles rolled over, and several others were trapped inside their vehicles until emergency crews arrived and were able to extricate them.

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Earlier this week on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, an accident injured two people, sending one to the hospital in serious condition. According to a report by CBS Baltimore, the accident occurred around 11 a.m on the westbound span of the bridge, which was open to two-way traffic at the time.

Evidently, two cars collided head-on as they passed each other on the bridge. It is not clear exactly how the accident occurred, although the bridge is fairly narrow, and it doesn’t take much imagination to picture two cars colliding head-on. Two motorists were injured in the accident, and one of them was flown to the hospital with serious injuries.

Traffic was backed up five miles in either direction as emergency workers cleared the scene.

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Last week an accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge backed up traffic for seven miles and sent two people to the hospital, including one Maryland Transportation Authority police officer. According to a report by the Baltimore Sun, the accident occurred when a car heading eastbound on Route 50 drifted off the road and into the transit officer’s car, which was parked between the east-bound and west-bound lanes.

The collision sent the police car across all three eastbound lanes of Route 50, and left the other driver’s vehicle in the leftmost lane of Route 50 westbound. Both the driver as well as the police officer were flown to the hospital in critical condition. Both are expected to recover from their injuries.

Ironically, the accident occurred on the day that Maryland Transit Authority was conducting a crack-down on the new “Move Over” law that requires motorists shift lanes away from emergency vehicles when they are present on the side of the road.

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In a tragic accident out of Baltimore, a young 12-year-old girl has lost her life due to an accident that was caused by a man who fleeing police. According to a report by the Baltimore Sun, the man who caused the accident was a suspect in the shooting of a 16-year-old victim earlier in the week.

Plain clothes police officers were following the man a few days later when they witnessed him speed through an intersection and collide with a minivan. Inside the minivan were a mother and her two daughters. One of the daughters lost her life in the accident.

The driver fled the scene on foot after getting into the accident with the minivan. Police and neighbors in the area rushed outside to help the victims of the accident, and one of the victims needed to be cut out from the crumpled van. The fugitive driver was able to escape the scene of the crime and has since evaded the authorities. Police are currently looking for the man they describe as “a black man with medium build wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.”

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Earlier this month, an accident on Route 340, near Frederick, MD, claimed two lives and injured four others. According to a report by, the accident occurred on a Saturday afternoon when one vehicle inexplicably crossed the median of the highway and collided with another vehicle head on. After the two vehicles crashed into each other, one of the cars collided with a third vehicle.

The drivers of the two cars that collided head on both were pronounced dead at the scene. Four other passengers, including two minors, were taken to the Johns Hopkins and Frederick Memorial hospitals with non-life threatening injures.

Police spent several hours on the scene of the accident, attempting to piece together what happened, and why it happened. One trooper on the scene described the investigative efforts as follows, “The investigation is very preliminary at this point. Essentially we’re mapping, diagramming the scene, taking photographic evidence, measuring skid marks, everything that we use to determine what actually occurred.”

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Two people were killed and another critically injured in a series of auto accidents in Prince George’s County. According to a report by ABC 7, the accidents all occurred around Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

The First Accident

A violent collision occurred Wednesday night on the 8600 block of Contee Road when one vehicle crossed the center median for an unknown reason and slammed into another oncoming vehicle One of the drivers was thrown through the windshield. One of the drivers was pronounced dead at the scene. The other was taken to a nearby hospital where she is expected to recover. Police believe that speed was a factor in the accident.

The Second Accident

A man driving alone was killed when his car unexpectedly left the roadway and collided with an object on the side of the road. The accident occurred at Rhode Island Avenue and 38th Street in Mt. Rainier. The man was taken to the hospital, but died from the injuries he sustained as a result of the accident.

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Earlier this week, an accident near the Landover Metro Station left an Acura split in half and both of its occupants dead. According to a report by WTOP, the driver of the Acura was heading in the opposite direction as a taxi when the driver of the Acura lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic. Apparently, the Acura collided with the taxi and then continued into a telephone pole that split the car in two.

Both the driver of the Acura and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. The taxi driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to recover. Police believe that speed played a part in the accident, as well as the slippery condition of the road.

Speed Is a Leading Cause of Fatal Maryland Car Accidents

It probably does not come as a surprise to anyone, but speeding is a leading cause of traffic accidents and traffic deaths in Maryland. According to some studies, speed is a factor in about one-third of all fatal accidents. While speeding is never a good or safe idea, it is even more dangerous when the road conditions are slick, icy, or snow-covered, as they have been for much of the past few months.

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Last month, a four-car accident in Baltimore sent one person to the hospital in what witnesses describe as a “chain reaction” of rear-end collisions. According to a report by the Baltimore Sun, the accident occurred near Jones Junction and the Bel Air police barracks. Apparently, one car slammed into another car that was stopped at a red light at the intersection near Harford Road. After that, the car in front crashed into the car in front of it. Then that car was pushed into the car in front of it. A total of four cars were involved in the accident.

One driver was taken to the hospital. At the time of the report, police were still investigating the cause of the accident and whether drugs or alcohol was involved.

Following Too Closely is a Citable Offense in Maryland

Let’s face it, no one probably knows all the traffic laws in Maryland; we generally all just try and do our best when we’re driving out there and hope for the best. However, one offense that many Marylanders are unaware of—but should be aware of—is following behind another vehicle too closely.

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