Maryland Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Kills One, Injures Several Others

Earlier this month, a Maryland car accident involving three vehicles claimed the life of one woman and injured several others. According to a local news report, the accident occurred in the evening hours on Route 238 and Asbury Road, in Denton.

Evidently, a Jeep Grand Cherokee was traveling eastbound when it inexplicably crossed over the center line and into oncoming traffic. As the Jeep entered oncoming traffic, it struck a Toyota head-on. The Jeep then rolled over and struck a nearby GMC truck, which was also traveling westbound.

Several injuries were reported among the passengers in the Jeep. The driver and one of the passengers in the Toyota were taken to the hospital as well. However, one of the passengers in the Toyota sustained fatal injuries.

Police have filed charges against the driver of the Jeep, pending an official investigation. It is not yet known whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Maryland

While some Maryland car accidents involve just one or two vehicles, it is common for an accident to involve several additional vehicles. This is usually because the initial accident occurs during busy hours, and nearby motorists are unable to avoid the wreckage of an unanticipated collision. These multi-vehicle accidents, often called chain-reaction accidents, are responsible for many Maryland personal injury lawsuits.

In situations in which one motorist’s negligent driving causes a chain-reaction accident, courts are often tasked with determining which of the parties are able to recover from the others for the cost of their medical expenses and other injuries. In Maryland, the strict doctrine of contributory negligence acts to bar all but those accident victims who are completely free from fault.

Thus, under a contributory negligence analysis, even when a plaintiff is determined to be just 5% at fault for an accident, they will be precluded from pursuing a claim of compensation against the others involved in the accident. It becomes very important, then, that Maryland accident victims obtain the assistance of a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney to assist them in the preparation of their case to prevent a defendant from shifting the blame onto the accident victim.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Car Accident?

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