Distracted Driving in Maryland: Causes and Preventative Measures

Rear-end accidents are among the most common types of car accidents in Maryland. While most rear-end accidents that occur at a low speed are not likely to result in serious bodily injury, high-speed rear-end collisions often result in serious injury or death. For these reasons, the State Legislature in Maryland has made a concerted effort to deter distracted driving, one of the leading causes of rear-end collisions.

Efforts to Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted driving consists of engaging in any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road and others on it. It is a mistake to assume that distracted driving only includes visual distractions. In fact, most of the common causes of distracted driving are attention-based, rather than visual. These include the common culprits:  talking on the phone or texting, talking to passengers, and eating or drinking.

To help curb distract driving in Maryland, the State Legislature has enacted a tough hand-held device ban. Under the ban, drivers are prohibited from using any hand-held device while they are operating a motor vehicle. This includes talking on the phone and texting. It is only with a hands-free device that a Maryland driver can legally be on the phone while driving.

If a driver disregards the ban and uses a hand-held device, that person greatly increases the chance of injuring not just themselves but also others. If such an accident does occur, that person may be held financially liable for any injuries that result from their decision to disregard the ban.

Two Injured in Possible Distracted Driving Accident

Earlier this week, two people were injured, including one police officer, when a woman rear-ended another vehicle. According to one local news report covering the accident, the two vehicles collided in Gaithersburg early on a Saturday morning.

Evidently, a Lexus SUV rear-ended a police cruiser, which then struck another vehicle. The woman in the SUV and the police officer were both taken immediately to the hospital with serious injuries. The occupants of the third vehicle were hospitalized as a precaution, but they did not suffer any serious injury. Police are currently conducting an investigation into how the accident occurred. However, given the facts of the accident, it is likely that the driver of the SUV may have been distracted and not seen the slowing traffic in front of her.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Car Accident?

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