University of Maryland Drunk Driving Checkpoint Dedicated to Student Killed in Fatal Accident

Drunk driving in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland contribute substantially to annual traffic deaths. Many innocent people are killed or injured every year by drivers operating cars, trucks and SUVs under the influence of alcohol. This negligent behavior by these motorists causes much pain and suffering to individuals and families affected by their actions. As Maryland automobile accident attorneys, Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers is dedicated to helping those injured by drunk drivers.

A recent article mentioned a sobriety checkpoint near the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, that was dedicated to the memory of a young college coed who lost her life to the senselessness of a drunk driving accident. Traveling north on Maryland’s Route 1 the evening of September 24, motorists would have noticed an odd sight: a large photo of a smiling college-age girl.

The photo of Amanda Moore, a UMBC student who was killed by a drunk driver four years ago when she was 22, was placed at the front of a sobriety checkpoint set up by University Police.

According to the news article, Moore’s family and friends watched as police arrested nine people for driving under the influence between 11pm and 3am that evening. Her parents even drove eight hours from Myrtle Beach, S.C., to observe the checkpoint. The family, it was reported, felt every arrest was a personal victory, cheering as drivers were walked in handcuffs to the police station.

If you, a family member, or a friend is injured as a result of a drunk driving accident, we highly recommend that you contact a qualified automotive accident lawyer. You deserve to be compensated for the medical costs, lost wages and emotional costs of a drunk driving accident.

Drunken driving checkpoint yields 9 DUI arrests Thursday,, September 28, 2009

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