Tragic Accident on Md. 91 When Driver Crosses over Double Yellow Line

According to Maryland State Police, one man is dead and one woman is in critical condition, following a two vehicle crash that happened Wednesday morning on Md. 91, a mile north of Deer Park Road.

According to a Maryland State Police news release, the collision occurred at around 9:30 in the morning, when the man’s Chevrolet Silverado crossed over the yellow center line, and struck the woman’s Toyota FJ Cruiser head on, which was traveling in the opposite direction. Neither vehicle contained any passengers. The man was pronounced dead on the scene, and the woman was transported by ambulance to the Shock Trauma Center.

The cause of the crash remains unknown, but the Maryland State Police are investigating.

While the cause of this terrible accident is still being investigated, as a general matter, car accidents usually happen because one of the drivers was at fault. The legal theory of fault in car accidents is typically negligence, which means that the driver failed to act reasonably in the operation of his or her vehicle.

A driver is required to drive in the way that a reasonably prudent person would drive. A driver cannot drive in such a way as to needlessly endanger other motorists or pedestrians. Examples of this would include things such as driving at a high rate of speed. Additional examples of negligent driving include things like failing to yield to a traffic signal or other driver, running a stop sign or stoplight, ignoring other traffic laws, etc.

The burden of proving negligence falls on the individual who brings the case, who is referred to as the plaintiff. The plaintiff must show that the driver of the other vehicle was not acting as a reasonably prudent driver would have acted and that the failure caused the party’s injuries.

Potential recovery that a plaintiff may obtain from a car accident includes compensation for the injured party’s medical expenses, lost wages and damages for the injury itself (e.g. pain and suffering). These are among the most common and most important claims in car accident cases. The injuries associated with car accidents can range from soft-tissue damage injuries, such as whiplash, to the more severe, such as broken bones or torn ligaments. A successful personal injury recovery will include an amount that will ensure that past, present and future medical expenses and lost wages will all be fully covered.

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