Maryland Junior Dies in Clinton Area Single-Vehicle Crash

According to reports, a 17 year old Maryland high school junior died earlier this month in a single vehicle car accident in Clinton. He was allegedly driving a car he had purchased just days earlier.

The young man reportedly crashed just before three in the afternoon near the 11900 block of Brandywine Road in Clinton. He allegedly ran off the road and crashed into a tree, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of the crash remains unknown.

According to local residents, the twisting stretch of Brandywine Road is known for causing car accidents. One resident told a news agency that he had placed giant rocks in his front yard in order to protect his house from potential crashes.

While the cause of this particular tragic traffic accident remains unknown, statistics reflect the fact that young drivers are more susceptible to being involved in car accidents, whether as passengers or drivers, than their more experienced counterparts. According to a list compiled by the California DMV, in 2008 alone 103 teens aged 15-20 died in Maryland in car accidents.

Teenagers are particularly susceptible to becoming involved in car accidents due to many factors, which include:

  • lack of driving experience
  • poor hazard detection
  • low risk perception
  • risk taking
  • not wearing seat belts
  • high distractability– including with handheld devices, such as cellphones, and with potential passengers
  • Due to the increased risk, Maryland has passed provisional license restrictions, such as prohibiting cellphone use except in the case of emergency and prohibiting the transportation of non-relative passengers under the age of 18 for the first 151 days following the issuance of a provisional license, among other requirements and restrictions.

    As Baltimore personal injury attorneys, we can’t stress enough the importance of proper safety procedures when driving a motor vehicle on Maryland roadways. It is important to always keep your eyes on the road in order to anticipate any potential hazards in the roadway, or in order to respond to other drivers. Single vehicle accidents can be the result of obstructions in the roadway, or in some cases failure to stop quickly enough in avoiding other accidents or in response to other drivers’ negligent driving.

    If you have been involved in a single vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence, such as if you were a passenger when a driver failed to pay adequate attention, or you crashed when an object fell out of an unsecured delivery truck, you may be entitled to compensation.

    If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers. Our lawyers have extensive experience advocating on behalf of individuals and families who have suffered due to personal injury or wrongful death in Maryland. If you believe that your single vehicle accident was caused as a result of someone else’s negligence, please contact us today by calling 1-800-654-1949 or through our website, in order to schedule your free initial consultation.

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