State Police Car Crashes into Honda Minivan; Mother and Toddler Receive Minor Injuries

Not long ago a bunch of kids came close to being hurt when a fire truck rolled away from its parked position at a community event. The incident was a close call for some parents, who assumed that an emergency vehicle and its crew are all about public safety. However this is only one example of how private citizens can be injured by vehicles operated by public servants and government employees.

More recently, a traffic accident involving a Maryland State Police car and a Honda minivan carrying a mother and child points out that police officers as well as fire department personnel can also become involved in injury and fatal automobile crashes. Wrecks like the one that occurred last month remind everyone that law enforcement officers and fire fighters are human, too.

Whether a person is hurt in a traffic accident, the facts are not always easy to determine until an investigation is carried out. Unfortunately, many who are hurt in bad car crashes never see a penny, which can hurt in bad economic times like we have been experiencing. A skilled Maryland injury lawyer can assist victims of negligent driving collect damages to help pay for medical costs and property damage.

The accident involving that mother and young child occurred on a Friday afternoon as a Maryland state trooper responding to a motorcycle accident was driving southbound in a marked 2005 Ford Crown Victoria sedan. According to reports, as the police car — whose emergency lights and siren where activated — approached the intersection at U.S. 15. at Mountville Road the traffic light turned red for the cop as cross traffic began to enter the intersection.

Trooper First Class Gary L. Baker, 24, reportedly attempted an evasive maneuver to avoid the mini van driven by 29-year-old Amy L. Brockey of Adamstown, MD. The cruiser smashed into the Honda carrying Brockey and her two-year-old daughter, who was riding in a child safety seat.

An early report indicated that the mother and daughter were thankfully uninjured as a result of the crash. The Trooper and a 19-year-old police cadet were treated by emergency responders and then transported to Frederick Memorial Hospital, where they received additional treatment for minor injuries and subsequently released.

Trooper on call collides with van,, May 1, 2010

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