Baltimore Motorist Severely Injured in Crash with Dirt Bike and Ensuing Physical Assault

Some automobile, truck and motorcycle collisions are completely avoidable, while others are simply bad luck. Almost every time however, someone’s negligence leads to a serious injury or even a motor vehicle fatality. Occasionally, however, there are incidents that arise following a traffic accident which make no sense, are completely unexpected and due to aggressive and uncontrolled belligerence.

As a Maryland auto accident attorney, I understand how tempers can flare after a bad car or truck accident. What is rare, yet sometimes very real, is a physical attack on another individual based on anger and lack of self control. As drivers, we all must be aware of others on the road. To blame another person for one’s own error is petty and uncivilized. Yet a story out of the Baltimore Sun shows that these kinds of situations arise from time to time with tragic consequences.

According to news articles the rider of the allegedly-illegal dirt bike rider crashed into another vehicle, following which a passenger on the bike assault the driver of the passenger car involved in the accident. The traffic incident happened during the work week in West Baltimore at the intersection of South Monroe and West Pratt. The dirt bike rider apparently ran a red light and hit the sedan broadside. The traffic collision reportedly caused the operator of the bike to be thrown from the vehicle onto the roadway.

According to authorities, the worst of the bodily injuries sustained by the passenger car driver came not from the motor vehicle accident itself, but from the ensuing attack by the passenger and several others. The driver was hurt so badly that he needed urgent care at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

The teenager who was driving the bike suffered broken bones and was also admitted to the Shock Trauma Center. That individual was arrested and faces charges of assault, not to mention related motor vehicle infractions and charges associated with driving an illegal dirt bike.

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident involving illegal dirt bike operation. According to the news, teenagers and riders of other ages are known by police to ride in packs through city streets. Their activities threaten the safety and well-being of pedestrians and other motorists due to risky riding practices such as racing and doing wheelies and other stunts while in traffic.

Dirt bike rider crashes into car; assaults driver,, June 2, 2010

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