Safe Driving Tips to Avoid a Maryland Car Accident

Auto accidents can take a toll on accident victims and their families. These accidents can take multiple forms, from single-vehicle accidents to crashes at an intersection. Fortunately, a
driver’s conduct can reduce their risk for various types of crashes. While not all accidents are completely preventable, drivers can exercise caution to avoid a crash.

How Can You Stay Safe on the Road?

Drivers can follow several safety tips to prevent multiple types of deadly accidents. First, to prevent a rear-end collision, maintain a safe following distance. If a car stops or slows without warning, a safe following distance will allow you to avoid colliding with the car. As a general rule, stay at least three seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you. During inclement weather, you should stay even farther behind. Similarly, avoid talking on the phone while driving so you can remain focused and respond to sudden changes in traffic. Second, to prevent single-vehicle accidents, scan the road for debris, animals, or sudden sharp curves. Speeding also can lead to accidents even if you are the only driver on the road.

Speeding can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, spinning into a lane barrier or a ditch. To prevent a single-vehicle accident, be sure to obey all local traffic signs and stick to the speed limit. Finally, single-vehicle accidents can result from inclement weather. If you must drive on a snowy or rainy day, drive at even slower speeds to ensure you can maintain control of your car. Third, to prevent crashes at intersections, yield right-of-way when other vehicles need to pass. Before you cross an intersection, check to make sure no other vehicles are crossing at the same time.

An accident can even happen when you have parked your vehicle. A common cause of vehicle damage is another driving hitting your parked car in a crowded lot or the side of the road. To prevent parked car collisions, avoid parking in the busiest area of a lot. Doing so will reduce your chance of another vehicle striking your car. Additionally, make sure to park in the center of a spot. If your vehicle is too close to the one next to you, the other driver may scrape your vehicle as they pull out of a parking spot. Similarly, if you must park on the street, avoid busy intersections and sharp turns. Instead, opt for a parking spot where other drivers can easily see your vehicle before they approach. Finally, no matter the type of auto accident, staying focused on the road is a key step toward preventing a crash.

Do You Need a Maryland Auto Accident Attorney?

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