Multi-car Traffic Accident on Maryland’s Route 50 in Anne Arundel County Sends Three to Hospital

A four-vehicle automobile collision on Kent Island, resulted in four persons being hurt, one seriously. The chain-reaction traffic accident on Route 50 in Queen Anne’s County, which caused a backup to the Kent Narrows Bridge, occurred around 5am on a Saturday morning.

As Baltimore injury attorneys, our main focus is helping the victims of traffic accidents recover from potentially life-changing situations. While no one lost their life in this particular crash, the chance is always present that a family could lose a parent and provider. With lost income and possibly exorbitant medical bills, a family could easily be thrown into a downward financial spiral that may only get worse if medical and associated costs cannot be recuperated.

Many traffic accidents result from driver error, although faulty vehicle equipment such as the braking or steering system have been known to cause some very severe wrecks. In this case, news reports indicate that the pileup resulted from a pickup truck that slowed down on Route 50 to allow work crews to reenter the roadway.

Based on police reports, maintenance crews from the Maryland Transportation Authority had been working overnight on a bridge. As the workers were attempting to get onto the roadway and leave the bridge, a pickup truck driver apparently stopped to allow them access. At this point a second vehicle ran into the back of the pickup.

This started a chain reaction as two other vehicles crashed trying to avoid the initial two-vehicle collision. In the aftermath four vehicles were damaged and three people were injured. Police and emergency responders helped those hurt during the crash, treating minor injuries and getting two of the victims transported via ambulance to the Anne Arundel Medical Center in Parole, MD. They were eventually released from the hospital.

One individual, who apparently sustained much more serious injuries during the crash, was treated and then rushed to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. According to hospital officials, that person’s injuries were said to be no longer life-threatening at the time of the news report. Regarding the official cause of the accident, police had not yet determined the reason and were considering all possibilities.

Chain-reaction crash caused island backup,, May 14, 2010

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