Maryland Traffic Injury News: Car Hits City Bus in Baltimore County; 12 Passengers Hurt in Crash

When it comes to road accidents, many people might think that a school bus, metropolitan commuter bus, or charter van would be rather safe when compared to a smaller private motor vehicle, such as a sedan, minivan or SUV; however, this is not necessarily the case. Recent commercial transport bus accidents have made the newspapers over the past year, illustrating how serious a charter bus wreck can be.

Passengers can receive a range of injuries when a city or overland bus crashes into a stationary object, such as a bridge abutment, traffic sign stanchion, or stalled semi tractor-trailer rig. From bumps and bruises to closed head injuries, these traffic accidents can result in long-term disability and sometimes death. As Maryland auto accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers, I and my staff understand how a seemingly simple crash can turn into a medical emergency for more than one occupant riding on a commercial motor coach.

Not long ago, an Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) bus was involved in a traffic accident along a stretch of Philadelphia Road in Baltimore Co. The ensuing collision sent a dozen of the bus’ occupants to the hospital with mostly minor injuries. The interesting aspect of this particular wreck is the vehicle that hit the city bus, a Kia passenger vehicle, was many times smaller than the commuter vehicle. Had that vehicle been a larger delivery truck or commercial big rig truck, the outcome may have been much more serious.

According to news reports, Baltimore County fire officials arrived at the scene of the accident to find that the small sedan had crashed into the rear corner of the bus. The crash reportedly happened because the driver of the Kia was apparently unable to stop in time before striking the larger vehicle. Although 12 of the passengers received non-life-threatening injuries, 10 of them were taken to Franklin Square Hospital for observation and possible treatment. Two of the injured refused to be taken to the hospital.

One of the passengers, a three year-old-boy traveling with his mother, reportedly hit his head as a result of the impact. The boy’s mother was quoted as saying that the youngster said his head hurt following the collision. According to news reports, the female driver of the Kia was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries — the woman’s car, however, was severely damaged according to authorities.

MTA Bus Crash In Baltimore County Injures 12,, May 8, 2011

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