Maryland State Police Step Up Traffic Enforcement at Dangerous Fredrick County Intersection on U.S. 15

The phrase, “It takes two to tango,” may seem a bit flippant when referring to something as serious as traffic accidents, automobile crashes and fatal car and truck collisions, but the point to be made here — at least when driving your loved ones around — is always use your head because someone else might not be using theirs. As Maryland car accident attorneys, we make this statement with more than a little experience in representing victims of severe and sometimes fatal traffic accidents; passengers and drivers alike.

Anyone who has taken the wheel of a motor vehicle — car, SUV, minivan, pickup truck — knows that accidents can be lurking almost anywhere. One of the most important things a driver can do to avoid a serious auto wreck is to take the extra time to be sure traffic is clear when crossing an intersection or making a turn onto a busy, high-speed roadway.

Most driver education courses attempt to hammer this point home with students, but over time some drivers tend to forget those early lessons and in doing so may even create their own rules of the road. According to a recent article, police have increased traffic patrols along a stretch of U.S.15 at Hayward Road due to potentially dangerous traffic conditions. Apparently the high incidence of car and truck collisions in that area of Fredrick County has necessitated the added enforcement.

Based on information from the local authorities, 99 percent of all accidents at the intersection are caused by drivers failing to yield. It was reported, also, that the majority of drivers travel through the intersection at the posted speed limit. The Maryland State Police have reportedly taken part in a “slowdown initiative” on U.S.15 for the past 18 months or so. This now includes additional enforcement at U.S. 15 and Hayward Road, which has now been ongoing for nearly four months.

According to officers familiar with the intersection, most every automobile crash that happens there is a bad one. Said one officer, it’s one of the worst intersections along U.S.15. In fact, during the interview for this particular article, police had only just responded to one of numerous accidents at that location, this one involving a Honda that was hit by an oncoming Ford. The collision sent a 64-year-old Frederick woman to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

Enforcement continues at dangerous intersection,, June 12, 2010

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