Maryland Pedestrian Injury Accident: Baltimore County School Crossing Guard Injured by Passing Pickup Truck

Pedestrian injury accidents happen more often than people may imagine. As a personal injury lawyer serving Maryland, I know how much damage a passenger car, light truck or commercial vehicle can cause to a person on foot in the roadway. As motorists it is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of persons walking on crosswalks and alongside the roadway. Near schools, it is common to find crossing guards helping children negotiate the dangerous environment of urban traffic intersections.

Here in Baltimore County, there are numerous opportunities for pedestrian injury accidents. A car-pedestrian collision rarely goes well for the person on foot, with broken bones, cuts and bruises, as well as concussions and possible traumatic brain injuries. Recently a Baltimore Co. crossing guard was very lucky in that she only received minor injuries after a vehicle nearly side-swiped her during her duties helping kids across the street.

Based on new reports, Baltimore County Police were investigating a pickup truck-pedestrian accident not far from Johnnycake Elementary School in Catonsville, MD. According to news reports, the woman was in the process of preparing to stop traffic at the intersection of Criagmont and Bardswell roads when the accident occurred.

A pickup truck drove by and clipped the woman with its sideview mirror. Police reports indicate that the mirror struck the woman in the head. After being evaluated at the scene of the accident, the crossing guard was transported to St. Agnes Hospital for treatment.

Although police described the woman’s injuries as minor, the department was considering possible charges against the unidentified truck driver.

School Crossing Guard Clipped By Side Mirror,, January 14, 2010

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