Maryland Auto Injury News: 4 People Hurt in Baltimore County in Multi-car Traffic Accident

It seems that some roads and stretches of interstate highways experience a preponderance of traffic accidents. Whether this is due to bad road maintenance, poor signage or other traffic related safety defect is hard to say. Human error can also make it difficult to point to any specific factor that makes a street or roadway appear to be dangerous for drivers and occupants of motor vehicles.

Regardless, when a driver makes a mistake that results in the injury or death of another individual, that person could be found to be negligent in a court of law. Especially in cases of fatal automobile crashes, wrongful death suits are sometimes brought against a motorist by the victim’s family.

As Baltimore personal injury lawyers and auto accident attorneys, our job is to represent car crash victims and their families. Situations that involve the loss of a loved one are particularly heartbreaking, especially when the accident could have been avoided — senseless car, commercial truck and motorcycle crashes happen far too frequently for anyone to be comfortable with.

Not long ago four people were injured in Baltimore Co. along a stretch of Eastern Boulevard not three miles from the site of another fatal car accident, which occurred just a day prior. According to news reports, the crash involved three different vehicles at the intersection of Eastern Blvd. and Diamond Point Rd. All four people required medical attention, according to police.

The crash happened just before 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Police reports indicate that a 1999 Ford Explorer in an eastbound lane executed a left-hand turn directly into the path of an oncoming Oldsmobile heading west on Eastern Blvd. According to police, the force of the collision forced the 1996 Olds across the westbound lanes striking a third vehicle and the curb of the roadway.

A passenger in the Oldsmobile, 28-year-old Tollara Sellman of Baltimore, was taken by medivac helicopter to Maryland Shock Trauma. The driver of the Ford, 32-year-old Christopher R. Butler, was transported to Johns Hopkins Bayview for treatment of undisclosed injuries. The driver of the Olds, David Williams of Brandywine, and his passenger, Malik Oliver of Baltimore were also taken to Bayview. The motorist in the third vehicle was reportedly uninjured as a result of the crash.

At the time of the news article, the cause of the collision was still under investigation, however police did say that a fatal accident the day before occurred just over 2 miles away on another busy stretch of Eastern Boulevard. In that accident, charges were apparently still pending against the driver of a delivery truck that ran a red light, slamming into a passenger car and killing an elderly man who was operating the vehicle.

4 Injured—2 from Essex—in Eastern Blvd. Collision,, December 9, 2010

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