Maryland Car Accident Injures Two Over Holiday Weekend

Lots of Maryland families travel for the Independence Day weekend. Whether driving to a barbeque, a firework show, or to the shore for the long weekend, holiday travel carries a higher risk for involvement in a motor vehicle accident. In fact, statistics show that the Fourth of July weekend is the deadliest weekend of the year in terms of roadway fatalities.

This year, on the Friday before Independence Day, Maryland police responded to a rush-hour crash in which two people were injured. According to reports, both vehicles in the accident incurred substantial damage. Apparently, both drivers in the two-car accident were trapped in their respective vehicles until firefighters arrived to extract them. Although one of the drivers was treated locally, the other driver required air transport to a shock trauma unit.

After the accident, police temporarily closed the roadway to reconstruct the scene. Although information about the status of the drivers and the cause of the accident has not yet been released to the public, these details may become available in the coming weeks and months.

Determining the cause of an accident and establishing fault is crucial to the success of nearly any personal injury case. In an accident like this one, monetary compensation through a personal injury claim may be obtained even if the police do not file criminal charges or issue any traffic citations.

How Do You Prove a Driver Was At Fault in a Maryland Head-On Car Accident?

Even in a seemingly straightforward two-car accident, determining the exact cause of an accident to establish fault can be a complex matter. The simplest cases are often head-on collisions. In a two-car, head-on collision, the at-fault party is often readily identifiable as the driver of the vehicle that departed the proper lane before the collision. Of course, an accident victim must be able to show that the driver’s departure from the lane was due to their negligence in order to prove their case.

Both in head-on collisions and other types of accidents, witness testimony can sometimes be sufficient to make a conclusion about liability. Oftentimes, however, accident victims either disagree about the circumstances of the crash or simply cannot remember the facts. In addition to witness testimony, then, Maryland authorities make detailed records of accident scenes and consult so-called Rules of the Road principles to help determine fault. The process for determining fault in accordance with the rules can be lengthy, especially because some degree of fault can be assigned to more than one party.

In summary, determining fault is a complex matter of critical importance to the success of personal injury claims. Personal injury attorneys often play a crucial role in this process and may make all the difference between a winning and losing case.

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