Head-on Crash Kills Driver after Toyota Truck Crossed Centerline in Fatal Baltimore County Traffic Accident

Of all traffic accidents, head-on wrecks can be and usually are the most deadly. Vehicle speed has a great bearing on how bad such a car, SUV or minivan crash will be, but the results are many times fatal. Size disparity between the vehicles involved in undivided highway and surface street collisions can make a big difference in the outcome as well.

Operators of compact cars and motorcycles have a greater chance statistically of being killed or severely injured when hit by a larger more massive vehicle, such as a full-size sport utility vehicle (SUV), or worse, a commercial 18-wheeler (also known as a big rig or semi tractor-trailer).

Being a Baltimore injury lawyer and automobile accident attorney, my office has represented numerous clients who have been hurt in Maryland traffic wrecks. As mentioned, many head-on crashes result in death of one or more individuals. A recent wreck in Kingsville illustrates the tragic aftermath of such encounters.

According to news reports, the Kingsville crash occurred in the morning hours of a work week when the driver of a Toyota truck apparently crossed the center line, hitting a compact car head-on. The second driver died before he could be transported to the hospital, according to reports.

Emergency personnel arriving at the crash scene pronounced the driver dead at the scene just after 8:30am. According to the Baltimore County Police Department, the driver of the Toyota is a resident of Baltimore County. He was subsequently taken to Maryland Shock Trauma with non-life threatening injuries.

At the time of the news report, police had not determined the cause of the crash and were still carrying on their investigation. Such as crash can be the result of several causes, including driver error and possibly defective vehicle equipment.

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