Five Vehicle Maryland Car Accident Throws Two-Year-Old Girl Into the Bay; Driver Rescues Her

Recently, a major Maryland car accident made headlines when a two-year-old girl, a passenger in one of the cars, was thrown from her vehicle into the Assawoman Bay. According to The Baltimore Sun, the accident happened on a Sunday afternoon earlier this month. The cause of the multi-vehicle accident is still unclear, but witnesses report that on Route 90 in Ocean City, a pickup truck seemed to lose control before it spun, hit a concrete barrier, and flipped over a guardrail. The truck hit a BMW, which propelled it towards another car. The car swerved, and the BMW then crashed into another vehicle.

One of the drivers got out of his car to check on the driver of the BMW, and then ran over to help a man trying to get out of the pickup truck hanging off the side of the bridge. Once he was freed, he pointed to the water toward a car seat and a toddler floating on her back, kicking, before she rolled over and was face-down in the water. At that point, the driver of the car jumped into the water to save the toddler, who spit up a lot of water. A boat came and picked him and the girl up, and she was flown to Baltimore hospital. Seven other people associated with the crash were also treated at the hospital, but fortunately, no one was killed.

This unbelievable story made headlines, and at a press conference, the rescuer was publicly thanked, and the Ocean City Mayor commented on how fortunate it was that everyone survived. However, although the media attention will soon fade, the long-term impacts of these crashes can last months if not years. Even when the injuries do not seem too serious at the time, many individuals involved in Maryland car accidents find themselves sore and dealing with pain long after the crash occurs. Some individuals may find themselves needing physical therapy or to visit a chiropractor to deal with the impacts.
These unexpected costs can be upsetting to Maryland families.

What Damages Can an Accident Victim Recover in a Maryland Car Accident Case?

Fortunately, state law allows those impacts in a car accident to bring a personal injury lawsuit to recover for the monetary expenses incurred as a result. These lawsuits can cover medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and physical therapy costs. But filing them can be unexpectedly challenging. Individuals dealing with unexpected costs after a car accident are encouraged to work with a personal injury attorney who can take care of the lawsuit, allowing the family to focus on recovery.

Do You Need a Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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