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Earlier this week, a tragic accident in Kentucky took the life of one Baltimore woman who was riding across the country to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund. According to a report by CBS Baltimore, the 4,000-mile ride originated in Baltimore and was supposed to end up in Portland, Oregon. However, in Scott County, Kentucky, around 3:30 in the afternoon, a truck driver crashed into a crowd of bicyclists, killing the Baltimore woman and injuring one other.

Evidently, a errant truck crashed into the crowd of bicyclists as several of them were on the side of the road changing their tires. The other injured rider decided not to complete the ride. And the uninjured teammates decided to ride for 48 hours after the fatal bicycle accident to honor their fallen teammate.

The investigation into the cause of the accident has not yet been completed, and police have not given any indications as to what may have caused the truck driver to crash into the crowd of bikers. However, police have told the public that the driver of the truck did remain on the scene and has cooperated with police thus far.

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For the average driver, it’s a fair bet that the he or she looks at auto insurance as a necessary evil; certainly something that they would rather not have to shell out hundreds of dollars every six months. But despite the common sentiment that paying large amounts of money for a car, truck or motorcycle insurance policy that they may never have needed, someday, somewhere you or a family member might just be thankful for that coverage.

As Maryland personal injury attorneys, I and my legal staff fight against lawyers for various insurance companies in court when benefits or insurance payouts have been withheld or reduced unfairly. As much as some people might rail against having to buy car insurance, having a policy that covers one’s vehicle is required by law. That said, it’s important to remind critics why carrying coverage is a good idea for every driver.

For one, car insurance protects the owner and/or driver from personal liability in the event that his car, truck or bike is involved in a traffic accident. If a person gets into an accident and they are found to be at fault he or she can be held personally (read: financially) responsible for the damage to property and for the costs of any medical treatment incurred by those injured as a result of one’s mistake or negligence.

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