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Earlier this month in Smithsburg, a two-vehicle head-on collision took the life of one man when his car crossed the center median and collided with a dump truck. According to one local news report, the accident occurred on Mapleville Road, where the driver of a Ford SUV was heading southbound. The driver of the dump truck was heading northbound.

Evidently, around 4:30 in the afternoon the SUV crossed over into the lane of oncoming traffic, colliding head on with the dump truck. The collision caused the Ford to overturn. The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the dump truck was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

An investigation was still underway at the time of the article’s publication, but it does not seem that the driver of the dump truck will face any criminal charges. It is unclear what caused the SUV to drift over into oncoming traffic.

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Earlier this month in Greenbelt, one man was killed after a carjacking resulted in a multi-vehicle accident on the Capital Beltway. According to one local news report, the accident occurred after a man carjacked an ambulance on the 6200 block of Greenbelt Road.

Evidently, the man was involved in a separate and unrelated car accident that required an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, the man hopped in and drove off, but not before assaulting the crew. After driving off, the driver navigated the ambulance off the Beltway, crashing into three occupied vehicles along the way. After getting off the Beltway, the stolen ambulance crashed into a total of nine other vehicles before rolling over in a restaurant parking lot.

Sadly, the driver of a Mercedes that was hit by the carjacked ambulance was killed as a result of the accident. His passenger was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to recover. The driver of the stolen ambulance was taken to the hospital with serious injuries as well. He has been arrested and charged with various crimes, including armed carjacking. It is unclear what additional charges he may face for the death of the man.

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Earlier this week in Glen Burnie, one man was killed and several other people injured in a serious multi-vehicle wreck. According to a report by one local news source, the accident occurred near the intersection of Quarterfield Road and Jonathan Avenue, at around four in the afternoon.

Evidently, the driver of a Ford Mustang was heading northbound on Quarterfield Road when he suddenly lost control of the car, crossed the center median, and ended up in the southbound lanes of traffic, where he collided head-on with an Oldsmobile. Another vehicle behind the Oldsmobile, a Saturn, then collided with both vehicles.

The driver of the Oldsmobile was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders. The driver of the Ford Mustang sustained life-threatening injures and was immediately taken to Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore. The driver of the Saturn suffered only minor injuries.

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Earlier this week, an accident near the Landover Metro Station left an Acura split in half and both of its occupants dead. According to a report by WTOP, the driver of the Acura was heading in the opposite direction as a taxi when the driver of the Acura lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic. Apparently, the Acura collided with the taxi and then continued into a telephone pole that split the car in two.

Both the driver of the Acura and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. The taxi driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to recover. Police believe that speed played a part in the accident, as well as the slippery condition of the road.

Speed Is a Leading Cause of Fatal Maryland Car Accidents

It probably does not come as a surprise to anyone, but speeding is a leading cause of traffic accidents and traffic deaths in Maryland. According to some studies, speed is a factor in about one-third of all fatal accidents. While speeding is never a good or safe idea, it is even more dangerous when the road conditions are slick, icy, or snow-covered, as they have been for much of the past few months.

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There are times in this life that make a person step back for a minute and catch one’s breath. Instances of extreme human drama, life and death situations, and other remarkable or stunning events are some that fit into this category. Then there are the moments, when simply as an observer it is incredible to watch something transpire that, if it wasn’t actually happening before your eyes, would certainly be unbelievable to some, or at least judged highly unlikely.

While this is likely the case for the average person, or for those who are not constantly reminded through their profession of the supposed oddities in life; such are the extraordinary circumstances that we, as Baltimore personal injury lawyers, come across on a fairly regular basis. But even I and my colleagues, as automobile, truck and motorcycle accident attorneys, still find that some events occurring on Maryland roadways can be termed stranger than fiction.

Of course, any car or trucking-related traffic collision can be serious for the victims, regardless of the root cause, and we understand this as much as anyone. A great deal of our work involves accidents caused by human error, poor judgment and simple mistakes. But there are instances when an injury received in a traffic collision cannot so easily be described as “accidental.”

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Whatever one’s take on motorcyclists in general, it’s important to remember that most riders are responsible people just like most of the driving public. The trouble is that many in the motorcycling community suffer from public misperceptions and a reputation born of the movies and TV. That said, there is always an element within some groups of people that can give the majority a bad name. For bikers, this can be those individuals who actively intimidate other motorists with their machines for whatever reason.

Regardless of what kind of bike any rider uses, be it a Harley-Davidson cruiser or chopper, a Ducatti or Honda sport bike or so-called crotch-rocket, or even one of the newer three-wheeled touring-style bikes, the average motorcyclist is not a danger to the public, though many will argue that he or she may certainly be taking risks for themselves that other, four-wheel motorists would never accept, much less take part in — all things being equal, a car accident or commercial truck crash is less likely to kill the driver, though the same thing cannot necessarily be said for bikers, at least based on motorcycle rider mortality rates.

Of course, getting back to the dangers posed to Maryland’s commuter public, we are all too aware of the trouble caused by groups of individuals within cities and towns who operate all-terrain vehicles and other unlicensed motorcycles in a reckless and negligent manner, causing traffic accidents and other incidents. These riders, many of whom according to police state are renegade bike riders who are causing havoc within our metropolitan areas, are acting in more of a criminal way than any normal rider would be expected to handle an off-road cycle or ATV.

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Once you have seen the aftermath of as many car, truck and motorcycle wrecks as we have, you too might be all the more cautious on the road as we would like all of our friends and family member to be. While most people never expect to become victims of a bad traffic collision here in Baltimore (or elsewhere across the state and in the District of Columbia), it’s a sad fact that many people who become involved in severe or life-threatening car or trucking-related roadway crashes never would have imagined their day ending on such a terrible note.

As Maryland auto accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers, our main concern is for those who have been injured or killed in a car accident caused through the negligence, and sometimes because of the deliberate actions of another driver. Placing blame is one thing, but understanding that a severe or fatal auto accidents are something that can affect anyone at one time or another might be a better course to alleviating the frequency — and hence the suffering — of many individuals in the future.

While it is true that many traffic accidents are just that, accidents, if there is anything we have learned through our years of litigation in courts throughout the state of Maryland it is that a lot of accidents could possibly have been avoided if one or the other driver was paying more attention to the road. Furthermore, knowing how accidents materialize on the street can make for some serious introspection on the part of many people who work in personal injury law. What is truly disconcerting is that a percentage of car and truck crashes are actually caused by drivers intent on causing some kind of damage or injury to another person.

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We all know that driving while intoxicated, texting or talking on a cellphone, and screaming kids in the back seat — even tuning the radio in a car or truck — can all be potential causes of traffic accidents. Certainly these scenarios can contribute significantly to injuries and deaths in car and trucking-related wrecks. Whether leading to a single- or multiple vehicle collision, each and every cause of serious accidents is a concern to police and traffic safety experts.

As Baltimore personal injury lawyers, my firm is interested in the effects of car, truck and motorcycle accidents, not only because we want to help the victims, but because understanding the causes might help others to avoid tragic incidents in the future. Sadly, even with public awareness, car and commercial truck crashes occur with alarming frequency. Preventing the random and unexpected can prove difficult, yet cutting the number of preventable motor vehicle accidents is theoretically within our power.

As mentioned above, drinking and driving and texting, as well as other potentially distracting activities, are things which motorists have an active part in preventing. Getting a sober ride or designated driver can help to prevent DWI- and DUI-related traffic injuries and senseless automotive-related deaths; not taking a cellphone call, putting off texting on a smartphone until one’s car is safely parked; and even using presets on the car radio are all ways to protect oneself, one’s passengers and other innocent people on the roadway.

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It’s hardly an easy thing to say, but there are people reading this that will likely be in a car, truck or motorcycle accident sometime in their lives. Of course, as Maryland personal injury lawyers, we can also say that this is not necessarily a unique event, at least based on our experience representing victims of traffic accidents here in Baltimore, over in Gaithersburg, and even in the District of Columbia. We can only hope that those who are hurt as a result of another individual’s negligence that recovery will be swift and complete.

Unfortunately for a percentage of car crash and trucking accident victims, severe injuries, long-term disability and even death from a roadway collision can be a result. Every year, drivers all across our nation log tens of millions of miles without a single serious traffic incident, yet hundreds of thousands of innocent victims fill the statistic columns in police departments and state roadway agencies every single year.

So while it’s not that surprising to know that a minor crash could possibly be in one’s future, with close to six million traffic wrecks annually in the U.S., many of these will be severe and quite a few will be fatal. Death and serious bodily injuries are just part and parcel of the fast-paced and busy highways that people travel daily here in Maryland and elsewhere throughout the country. For us, as automobile accident attorneys, our focus is on helping those people who have been made innocent victims of a car or truck crash caused by another, less thoughtful or outright negligent driver.

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If one could turn back the clock and prevent a tragic accident or even a less serious one, would it be all that difficult to do? As Maryland automobile and commercial trucking accident attorneys, we’d have to say, “Yes and no.” Understanding how car, truck and motorcycle crashes come to pass is something that every personal injury lawyer learns early on. And while we can’t say unequivocally that changing any one factor leading to a car or commercial truck collision would alter the future, it would not surprise us either.

In cases of a serious mechanical problem leading to a driver’s inability to control his or her vehicle, avoiding the failure of a steering, suspension or braking component could actually avert disaster. Of course, going back in time is only a dream in the real world, which is why we must deal with the consequences of a negligent act or a defective product that may result in a bad traffic wreck.

As personal injury lawyers serving Maryland residents, as well as those people who may have been injured in traffic accidents in the District of Columbia, we know that certain overt acts by drivers can result in a traffic crash or pedestrian accident. Of course, by avoiding certain car, truck and motorcycle collisions, drivers and passengers alike could avoid the various fractures, internal injuries, closed-head trauma and spinal cord damage.

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