Motorist Arrested for Attempted Murder by Vehicle after Ramming Episode on Baltimore-Washington Parkway

There are times in this life that make a person step back for a minute and catch one’s breath. Instances of extreme human drama, life and death situations, and other remarkable or stunning events are some that fit into this category. Then there are the moments, when simply as an observer it is incredible to watch something transpire that, if it wasn’t actually happening before your eyes, would certainly be unbelievable to some, or at least judged highly unlikely.

While this is likely the case for the average person, or for those who are not constantly reminded through their profession of the supposed oddities in life; such are the extraordinary circumstances that we, as Baltimore personal injury lawyers, come across on a fairly regular basis. But even I and my colleagues, as automobile, truck and motorcycle accident attorneys, still find that some events occurring on Maryland roadways can be termed stranger than fiction.

Of course, any car or trucking-related traffic collision can be serious for the victims, regardless of the root cause, and we understand this as much as anyone. A great deal of our work involves accidents caused by human error, poor judgment and simple mistakes. But there are instances when an injury received in a traffic collision cannot so easily be described as “accidental.”

While personal injury lawsuits usually name a negligent party or parties, it is rare that the person accused of causing an injury has deliberately set out to harm the victim or victims. Of course, the line between a civil matter and one that involves criminal intent can be very thin at times. Take for instance a recent traffic incident on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, after which a female driver from Virginia was charged with first-degree attempted murder after repeatedly ramming one car and eventually causing a multiple-car accident.

According to news reports, a witness to the strange and potentially deadly incident told Maryland State Police investigators that he had been following the suspect’s Ford van and recording the event on video using his cellphone. After showing the footage to police, which apparently showed the out-of-state driver ramming a Volvo several times, as well as trying to cause it to spin out.

Eventually the van, the Volvo, another minivan and a BMW all crashed along a portion of the Baltimore Washington Parkway just a little bit before 2pm in the afternoon. Police arriving on the scene, only found three vehicles; the Volvo driver had reportedly left the scene, afraid for her own life, and drove to the state police Glen Burnie barrack for safety. Meanwhile, fire department and emergency response crews arrived at the crash site and assisted the injured victims. According to news reports, two people had sustain some degree of injury; the two drivers were taken to University of Maryland Shock Trauma to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police deduced that the Ford van ran off the roadway, hitting a Mercury minivan and the BMW. Additional information from the Volvo’s driver alleged that the Ford van began ramming her car starting at W. Nursery Rd. Police eventually arrested the Virginia driver, who allegedly had stolen the Ford van earlier, and charged her with 1st and 2nd degree attempted murder, as well as 1st and 2nd degree attempted assault, plus reckless endangerment.

Cell phone video catches van ramming Volvo on Baltimore Washington Parkway,, March 11, 2013

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