Two Killed in Tragic Maryland Car Accident

Many Maryland residents go out driving every day, and most of the time, they get to their destination safely. However, small mistakes while driving can immediately lead to deadly consequences. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, more than 500 people are killed in Maryland car accidents each year. These accidents are often caused by negligent drivers, who drive under the influence, drive texting or otherwise distracted, or just make careless mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes may cost one or more people their lives.

Recently, two people were killed in a Maryland car accident caused by a driver’s mistake. According to a local news report covering the incident, the crash happened early one morning, just past 1 a.m., as two vehicles were driving on Brandywine Road in Brandywine. The responsible driver, traveling North, crossed the double yellow lines into the southbound lanes, crashing headfirst into the other vehicle. While victims are still being identified, police have confirmed that two individuals were killed in this accident, with another taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, nothing can undo this tragic car accident, or the others that claim Maryland lives every day. While the mistake may have been a seemingly small one, the impact it had cannot be overstated. Although the families of Maryland car accident victims have no way of getting their loved ones back, Maryland law does allow them to file a wrongful death suit against whoever is responsible for the accident. These suits can help the family to recover for the immense financial costs they may incur after the accident, from medical expenses to funeral and burial costs, and can help take care of them financially while they are recovering psychologically.

However, many families do not file a wrongful death suit in these situations because they do not understand the process and have enough in their lives to worry about, without adding a lawsuit on top of it. This is one of the reasons that potential plaintiffs are advised to work with a personal injury attorney who can handle the case for them. The wrongful death suit process often involves multiple legal proceedings, expert witness testimony, and specific procedural requirements that must be followed carefully. An attorney familiar with these suits can handle the case for a family, working on getting them the compensation they deserve, with minimal effort on the family’s behalf. As a bonus, most personal injury attorneys operate under a contingency fee agreement, meaning they do not get paid unless they can recover compensation for their client.

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