Three Women and Unborn Child Killed in Fatal Baltimore County Traffic Accident

It seems there has been a spate of tragic car accidents in Maryland of late. The recent death of a well-known doctor in the Salisbury area is one such example, but also in the headlines was a very sad car crash that took the life of three women and an unborn baby. As Maryland automobile accident lawyers, Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers has represented many accident victims and their families in cases just like this one.

According to reports, 19-year-old Katrina Morrison, Lori Cardwell and Darlene Cardwell were all killed in a fiery traffic accident in Blatimore County as they were driving home from a visit down south where they attended the recent graduation of Morrison’s fiancé from Army basic training. News reports state that Morrison was carrying her fiancé’s baby, which also died in the crash.

It all happened in the early morning hours of July 27 as the three women were traveling in a Chevrolet Aveo through White Marsh, MD. At the intersection of Honeygo and White Marsh boulevards, the Aveo crossed into the path of a large street-sweeper and was hit T-bone style and pushed down the road for about 100 yards. According to Baltimore County fire officials, the three adults were all killed instantly in the collision as the car burst into flames.

Police reports indicate that the driver of the street-sweeper, which belonged to J&M Sweeping Services, was returning from a job in Towson, Maryland, to the company garage when the accident occurred. At the time of the news story, Baltimore County police did not know whether or not the car or the street-sweeper had the right-of-way, or if the larger vehicle had a possible equipment defect that made it impossible to avoid the accident.

If the Aveo did have the right of way, then there is a possibility that this incident could result in a wrongful death lawsuit on the part of the women’s families. In any case, it would be important to have the most experienced auto accident lawyers on the job for this case. The potential pain and suffering, as well as the families’ significant loss is too terrible for any family member to quantify, which is why you need a qualified legal professional to be your advocate during a time of great tragedy.

Pregnant 19-year-old Katarina Morrison killed in a car accident,, July 29, 2009

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