Teen Driver Returns Home to PA after Hospital Stay Following Maryland Single-Vehicle Car Crash

Anytime someone’s child is hurt or killed, there is an unbelievable shockwave that goes through a family, their friends and relatives, even neighbors and the local community. While any serious injury or death is an unthinkable event, for an automobile or trucking-related injury accident to affect a young life is all the more tragic. Every week numerous Maryland families are touched in some way by car or truck crashes in which a family member or close relative is injured or killed in a senseless accident.

As Baltimore personal injury attorneys, we understand how members of a family hit by a tragedy as senseless as a roadway collision can feel numb for days, weeks or even months after the event. This kind of shocking event can also result in a relative paralyzing of the parents’ and siblings’ ability to function or perform even simple daily tasks. In cases of negligence in regard to a fatal or injury-related car, truck or motorcycle wreck, seeking the advice and counsel of a qualified legal professional can be helpful and many times necessary in order to pursue the responsible party(s) in a court of law.

Not long ago a teenager from out-of-state, who was seriously hurt weeks before, was finally able to return to her family’s arms. According to news reports, 17-year-old Malory Weller was discharged from the Rehabilitation Center at Kernan Hospital here in the Baltimore area and transported home to Pennsylvania. Based on news items, the young lady was apparently in good spirits as she left Maryland, no doubt happy to be going back home.

The accident that put Miss Weller in the hospital reportedly occurred on a Saturday in early August when the vehicle she was driving left the roadway in Washington County and rolled over several times before coming to a stop about seven years away from the road. The single-vehicle crash, which police estimate happened sometime after 9pm at night after Weller apparently was coming home in her father’s car after visiting some friends in Mercersburg.

She had been staying with her father for the weekend, according to reports, and when the man realized she had not arrived home during the evening he became alarmed. After calling his daughter’s cell phone and receiving no answer, he and the rest of the family joined in a search. According to news articles, the girl’s brother traced her probable route, while a co-worker of the girl’s father actually discovered the wreck around 8:45am along a stretch of Catholic Church Road in Clear Spring, MD.

After a call to the 911 operator, the police and emergency responders arrived at the scene of the accident to find the girl trapped in her vehicle, semi-conscious and being comforted by her brother. The police apparently told the family at the time that the crash may have been a result of the girl trying to avoid a deer in the road. The location of the crash, plus evidence of tire marks in the road, as well as the existence of numerous deer paths in the area pointed to possibility that the teen swerved to miss striking a deer.

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