Street Racing Suspected in Multiple Vehicle Collision

Maryland State Police continue to investigate a multiple car accident that shut down part of Crain Highway in Brandywine last weekend. Witnesses told at least one news source that they believe street racing was to blame for causing the collision.

Maryland State Police said in a statement that a black Mercury Marauder was speeding on the northbound lanes of 301 when it crossed over the median and crashed into on coming traffic, which caused a chain reaction wreck involving a total of five cars.

The cars involved included an Ford F-350, Acura TL, Chevrolet SSR, Dodge Dakota, and Ford Expedition. In sum, eleven people were taken to local hospitals, including at least four children aged seven and younger. In total 11 people were taken to area hospitals in varying conditions. Some were airlifted while others were taken by ground. The cause of and circumstances surrounding the accident remain under investigation.

While the facts regarding this multiple vehicle collision are sparse, the images published with the news story seem to depict the black Marauder in essentially totaled condition, in addition to being overturned.

The facts regarding a potential drag race were not reported, and it remains unclear whether two vehicles were driving in a manner consistent with potential racing, or whether the Marauder was the only car that was driving in a potentially dangerous manner. Additionally, it was not reported, or perhaps remains unknown, whether the Marauder crossed over the median intentionally or not.

Engaging in street racing is obviously a very dangerous practice. In addition, it is one of the kinds of so called “per se” negligence, as the decision literally contravenes the established rules of the road, which require that individuals travel within a certain speed limit, stay in their respective lane, etc. The standard for establishing liability in a car accident lawsuit for personal injury is often pursued under this negligence doctrine, which requires a showing that the driver responsible for the crash deviated from the manner in which a reasonably prudent (safe) driver would have done. The second part of the showing requires proving that the negligence was the cause of the harm incurred. In this case, the crossing over the median was directly responsible for the ensuing multiple vehicle collision.

If you decide to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim following a car accident, the potentially recoverable damages include things such as pain and suffering, hospital bills, lost wages, loss of companionship, funeral expenses and, in some cases, punitive damages.

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