Staying Safe While Driving in Winter Conditions in Maryland

Although most Maryland locals are probably familiar with snow and ice, not every Maryland resident knows how to properly drive when there are snowy road conditions. Even for experienced drivers, winter weather conditions can make for dangerous and stressful drives because visibility is low and the roads are slippery. To stay safe during icy conditions, it is best to drive proactively and to prepare your vehicle in advance.

According to a recent local news report, multiple vehicles were involved in a fatal crash on Interstate 81 near Hagerstown. Local authorities reported that the accident was a four-vehicle, chain-reaction crash during poor weather conditions. Under heavy snow conditions, the crash took place when a Mazda, tractor-trailer and Dodge stopped in a southbound lane because of traffic congestion. A separate tractor-trailer approached the three vehicles from behind and collided with the rear of the Dodge, which pushed it into the Mazda. The Mazda was then pushed forward into the rear of the first tractor-trailer. The woman in the Mazda was pronounced dead on the scene and two other drivers were transported to a local hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The accident remains under investigation.

Driving in winter weather can be a challenge even for the most experienced and careful of drivers. In addition to the annual maintenance of your vehicle, you should always prepare and winterize your car so that you are equipped to hit the roads with confidence. Some steps include testing your battery regularly, getting winter tires or keeping an eye on the treads of your all-season tires, checking on tire pressure and wiper blades, and keeping your gas tank at least half full during the colder months to prevent gas line freeze.

Before heading out in winter conditions, drivers should also complete a few basic steps. First, warming up your car before driving it can make an enormous difference. To ensure you have ample time to do so before starting your trip, plan ahead and build in an extra five to ten minutes so that your car is warmed up. Removing ice, snow, and dirt from your vehicle’s camera lenses and mirrors is also important so that you have full visibility while driving in snowy conditions.

Finally, once you are driving, it is best to avoid cruise control, accelerate and decelerate slowly to ensure that there is enough space between yourself and the vehicles ahead of you and around you, and steer in the direction of the skid, never against it. If conditions are especially poor and visibility is low, it is best to pull over to a safe spot until conditions improve.

How Long Do Maryland Car Accident Victims Have to File a Case?

Under Maryland law, car accident victim have three years to bring a personal injury case. However, the soon an accident victim reaches out to an attorney, the better. This is because, as time goes on, it can get more difficult to locate important evidence that is necessary to successfully prepare a case.

Do You Need a Maryland Car Accident Attorney?

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