Recent S.U.V. and Tractor-Trailer Crash Kills 13 People, Illustrating the Dangers Maryland Trucks Pose to Motorists

After being injured in a car crash, victims will often wonder if they are partially to blame for the accident. While this is often not the case, it can still be worrying. If a victim wants to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party in Maryland, they can bring a personal injury suit. However, Maryland is one of the few remaining states that rely on the doctrine of contributory negligence—meaning, if the plaintiff negligently contributed to his injuries, he cannot recover damages. Although this may then seem like a lost cause for many potential personal injury cases, personal injury attorneys are skilled at explaining to juries why their client was not at-fault for the accident that resulted in their injuries.

Earlier this month, a Southern California crash between an S.U.V. and a tractor-trailer has led to at least 13 deaths. According to a recent report, an S.U.V. and tractor-trailer collided on a California highway after the S.U.V. had crossed a fence from the U.S.-Mexico border. The S.U.V. pulled in front of the truck at an intersection, where they then collided. Investigators are still unsure what caused the collision. However, the S.U.V. had over 20 people inside the vehicle and all of the accident victims were in the S.U.V.

How Can a Lawyer Help Overcome Claims of Contributory Negligence?

For individuals injured in similar car accident cases in Maryland, they victims want to bring charges against the responsible party. However, when it is unclear who is at fault for the accident, recovering can be a real challenge, especially when the others involved in the accident claim the injured motorist was at fault. Because contributory negligence is the law in Maryland, plaintiffs’ attorneys in negligence cases are prepared for defendants who assert the plaintiff is also at fault for the injury. Plaintiffs’ attorneys will examine their client’s case and assess whether there are shortcomings in their argument. This often involves an extensive discovery process—interviewing many witnesses, obtaining video evidence of the accident, and finding people who can speak about the plaintiff’s character. While this may seem time-consuming—and defendants do not often argue the plaintiff is partially responsible for the accident—it is worth it to ensure the plaintiff is prepared for this argument if it arises in court.

Because car accidents are often extremely traumatic—especially when it is unclear who is at fault—injured parties should contact an experienced car accident attorney if they are thinking about bringing charges.

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