Recent Maryland Car Accident Tragically Kills 7 Year Old Boy

When someone pictures a car accident, they usually picture two cars crashing into each other while driving. While this is often the case, and describes many Maryland car accidents, it is important to remember that crashes can occur even when one party is not driving. For example, car accidents may occur when one car crashes into a parked car, or a car stopped at a stoplight, or even into something other than a car such as a light post or traffic sign. This is why it’s important for Maryland drivers to always stay aware of their surroundings while driving.

Take for example one recent Maryland car accident that occurred on I-83 in Baltimore County one Saturday morning. According to a news article covering the incident, a 32-year-old woman was driving a black Dodge Dart along the highway when she pulled over to the right shoulder to tend to a child sitting in the back. As the driver opened the rear passenger side door, a white Toyota Tacoma struck the rear of the Dodge, crashing into it. Tragically, a 7-year-old boy—one of the passengers in the Dodge—was killed as a result. The driver and two other children—a 9-year-old girl and a 9-month-old infant—also suffered injuries due to the crash.

This case illustrates how immensely a single family can suffer as a result of a Maryland car accident. Assuming that the 32-year-old woman and the three children in the car were related, it means that one family is now mourning the loss of a 7-year-old child while three members are also recovering from their own injuries—injuries which may require future surgery, physical therapy, or specialists. For one family, dealing with medical bills and expenses while simultaneously making funeral and burial arrangements can be overwhelming and cause significant psychological despair, not to mention financial strain.

While nothing can undo the damage that a Maryland car accident can have emotionally or physically, there is a doctrine of law that attempts to undo the financial harm accident victims must endure. In Maryland, victims of Maryland car accidents may file a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for the crash. If successful, these lawsuits can result in monetary damages awarded to the plaintiffs to cover past and future medical expenses (including surgeries, physical therapy, and medication), pain and suffering, funeral and burial costs, and lost wages.

Have You or a Loved One Suffered Because of a Maryland Car Accident?

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