Recent Maryland Car Accident Kills Two, Criminal Negligence Charges Pending

Maryland car accidents are unfortunately common. In fact, on average there are more than 100,000 Maryland car accidents each year. These car accidents can be caused by a variety of different factors, including vehicle malfunctions, distracted driving, and hazardous driving conditions. Sometimes, accidents are caused by a blatant violation of driver safety laws and road rules. In these cases, the act and the resulting harm may actually result in criminal penalties, in addition to civil liability.

For example, take a recent and tragic Maryland car accident that occurred on Crain Highway on Croom Station Road in Upper Marlboro. According to a local news report covering the incident, the crash occurred at 12:30 PM one afternoon, when a driver in a 2019 Ford F-150 pickup truck failed to stop at a red light. The driver went right into the intersection and struck a 2016 Subaru Legacy driven by a 49-year-old woman as it was making a left turn. The pickup truck struck the Subaru in the passenger side door, which caused the car to rotate and strike the guardrail. The pickup also rotated, overturned onto its roof, and caught on fire. The driver of the Subaru and her passenger—a 66-year-old man—both were pronounced dead at the scene by members of the Prince George’s County Fire Department.

Following the incident, the driver of the pickup truck who ran the red light was arrested and charged with two counts each of motor vehicle manslaughter and criminally negligent manslaughter. The charges in the case may be confusing, since this blog talks about civil cases against negligent Maryland drivers. However, it is important for Maryland drivers to know that, when they are injured in a Maryland car accident, they may be able to file a civil negligence suit against the irresponsible driver who caused the accident regardless of whether or not criminal charges have been filed.

The presence of criminal charges is totally separate from any individual civil suits that may arise from the accident. Criminal charges focus on punishing the defendant without helping the plaintiff, while civil charges aim to help the plaintiff recover. Therefore, the families of the deceased in this case may consider filing civil charges to recover monetary damages from the defendant driver. These damages can cover medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, lost wages, and more.

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