Protect Your Family: Maryland Auto and Truck Crashes Can Injure Multiple Victims in a Single Incident

As Baltimore personal injury attorneys, my firm is well aware of the consequences of a slip-and-fall accident, injuries sustained at a poorly run nursing home, or prescription error by a local pharmacy. All of these types of personal injury events can result in a range of bodily injury from relatively minor to life-threatening; it all depends on the circumstances and the health of the victim prior to the mishap.

What each of these kinds of accidents have in common is that they generally occur to a single person at a time or, perhaps, to a few individuals within a measurable period of time. Although they can be serious or even deadly, they are not the same as traffic-related accidents, where a handful of victims can be affected by just one negligent act.

As car, truck and motorcycle injury accident lawyers, I and my professional legal staff understand how a seemingly minor action on the part of a negligent driver can put one or more people in the hospital within a very short time. It is also an area where individuals can be killed outright in the blink of an eye. All in all, automobile and commercial trucking-related collisions can be quite devastating to one or more families.

We mention this now if only to remind people that driving in Gaithersburg, Columbia, the District, or any densely packed urban area can be fraught with dangers, not only to occupants of cars and buses, but also to pedestrians and cyclists. What we would like to pass on here is that it pays to be vigilant and watch out for the other guy whenever one is out and about in the city, or on our busy highways.

A while back, more than a half-dozen individuals were injured when two vehicles collided in Washington County, MD. According to news articles at the time, the wreck took place not far from Hagerstown when a Dodge SUV Journey sport utility vehicle, carrying a family, was hit by another vehicle that ran a stop sign from southbound Leiters Mill Rd. The force of the impact caused the SUV to roll over onto its side injuring many of the occupants.

Based on information from the Maryland State Police, the Dodge ended up partially on its roof following the crash. Emergency responders, including the MSP officers and EMS personnel from Leitersburg, Smithsburg, Hagerstown and Waynesboro, arrived at the scene a little while after 6pm to find the two wrecked vehicles and eight adults and children hurt in the crash. Police reports indicated that the incident included five people in the Dodge and three in the Honda Civic that struck the SUV. In all, four adults and four children were treated for injuries.

All of the injured were subsequently transported to Meritus Medical Center for additional medical attention, although news reports stated that none of the victims had sustained life-threatening injuries. Based on reports, the MSP was going to be citing the Honda’s driver for causing the accident.

According to an interview with a local resident, that area is prone to accidents. Many locals apparently feel the intersection where the crash happened is intrinsically dangerous, mainly because cars and truck traveling on Leitersburg Pike travel over the speed limit or because drivers don’t see the stop signs. According to one local man, traffic accidents in that area happen three or four times every year. This SUV-passenger car collision was the second in 2012, based on comments from that particular resident.

Eight taken to Meritus Medical Center after crash northeast of Hagerstown,, April 19, 2012

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