Pedestrian Struck and Killed on Maryland Road

In busy metropolitan areas, pedestrians often share public roads with motorists and bikers alike. Although in principle everyone should respect each other and their right of way, this does not always happen in practice. Sometimes, when drivers are not paying attention or visibility is poor, accidents can happen involving pedestrians. Because pedestrians are even more vulnerable when crossing a busy road, these collisions can often have devastating consequences, such as injury or death.

According to a recent local news report, a pedestrian was killed in a fatal crash along a busy part of I-83. Investigators reported that a rideshare driver was driving north on I-83 and called 911 because an unruly and potentially intoxicated passenger was assaulting him. The rideshare driver then pulled over, and the passenger exited the car and crossed over the median into the southbound lane. The man was walking along the highway when a Range Rover crashed into him. The accident remains under investigation by local authorities.

How Common Are Maryland Pedestrian Accident?

Unfortunately, Maryland is no stranger to pedestrian-related accidents. Because pedestrian accidents are most common in busy, urban areas, nearly 72 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occur in traffic-congested areas similar to busy metropolitan hubs across Maryland.

If you were recently hit by a vehicle in Maryland as a pedestrian, you may be considering legal action to pursue compensation for your injuries. As a potential plaintiff in a personal injury claim, however, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of certain Maryland laws that could greatly affect the success of your lawsuit.

For pedestrians and anyone filing a personal injury claim, Maryland follows a contributory negligence framework, which can often be unfriendly toward potential plaintiffs. Under the contributory negligence framework, if an individual who is injured in a personal injury accident can be found to have been even partially responsible for the accident, their claim may be barred from damages entirely by Maryland’s courts.

For example, if a pedestrian was jaywalking, crossing a street even though the traffic signal was flashing a “Do Not Walk” sign, or cutting across the middle of a busy street, these could all be reasons that a court believes that a pedestrian contributed in some amount to causing the accident. In these instances, the plaintiff would be barred from receiving any monetary damages from their claim.

This is an important factor to note before commencing legal action in your pedestrian-car collision because it could greatly impact the potential success of your claim. In Maryland, potential plaintiffs who wish to receive compensation for their injuries must prove that the responsible party was 100 percent at fault. Otherwise, the case may be thrown out entirely.

Do You Need a Maryland Accident Attorney?

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