Passenger Injuries After a Maryland Car Accident

After a car accident, injury victims may experience a slew of physical and psychological trauma, resulting in lengthy and costly medical treatment. Moreover, Maryland accident claims tend to be more complex than other states because of strict contributory negligence laws. Under this standard, a victim who holds any responsibility for the accident cannot recover any damages.

Fortunately, in the overwhelming majority of cases, passengers do not have control over the vehicle, and as such, they are unlikely to be liable for the accident. However, while contributory negligence may not be an issue, other factors may complicate Maryland accident claims.

While drivers are more likely to die in an accident than passengers, thousands of passengers suffer injuries every year. Recent reports by the Maryland Department of Transportation indicate that nearly 50,000 people suffer injuries on Maryland roads every year. Passengers are particularly vulnerable because they have zero to little control over the actions or negligence of the driver or other motorists.

For instance, a Maryland news report recently described a harrowing single-vehicle accident. According to the report, police responded to the accident scene, where they learned that a vehicle left the roadway and slammed into a tree. The driver was unconscious when emergency responders arrived, and his passenger was taken to a hospital for treatment. Preliminary investigations reveal that speeding was likely a factor in the accident.

Can Passengers File a Maryland Personal Injury Claim After an Accident?

Yes, after an accident, passengers have the right to recover compensation for their injuries and damages. Maryland requires drivers to carry third-party insurance. Passengers can make claims against any negligent parties, even if they were a passenger in the at-fault party’s vehicle. However, passengers do not get a free pass with insurance companies. These companies will often scrutinize the claim to try and delay or diminish a claim’s worth. In some cases, insurance companies will try to impose liability on the passenger.

These situations often leave passengers fraught because most passengers travel in a car with a friend or family member. Passengers may worry about their relationship with the driver and how a claim may impact the driver’s economic standing. However, an attorney can help injury victims navigate these complicated waters to ensure that they recover the compensation the law entitles them.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Car Accident?

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