Olympian Michael Phelps Unhurt Following Three-Car Baltimore Traffic Accident

Fate doesn’t discriminate when it comes to sports heroes or entertainment celebrities, which is why it wasn’t too surprising to read that swimming sensation Michael Phelps was recently involved in a three-car accident in the metropolitan Baltimore. As a Maryland automobile accident lawyer, I have represented clients who have far less fame, but just as much claim to recompense for medical costs for injuries sustained or damages suffered as a result of a multi-vehicle collision.

In this case, the costs are most likely for bent metal and not for serious injuries, such as spinal cord injury, or wrongful death as occurs in high-speed automobile crashes. According to news articles, Phelps was driving his Cadillac Escalade through a downtown intersection when it was struck by another car whose driver apparently igonored a red traffic signal. Police said that the 28-year-old Maryland woman whose Honda Accord hit Phelps’ SUV will be cited for running the red light.

Fortunately for Phelps he only suffered a minor injury to his right ankle during the vehicle collision, which reportedly will not affect his upcoming training. On the other hand, the Olympian must still go to court because he allegedly was driving on a suspended Michigan driver’s license, which reportedly was due to Phelps not paying earlier fine for failing to show proof of insurance.

According to news articles, even though Phelps moved into a $1.7 million waterfront Baltimore condo about one year ago, he has yet to establish legal residency in Maryland. Because of this, police issued him a $40 citation. Also, Phelps had told police that he had consumed a beer about 75 minutes before the accident; however reports indicate that police ruled out alcohol as a contributing factor to the accident. This is fortunate for Phelps as well due to his 2004 conviction for driving while impaired — he was sentenced to 18 months’ probation at that time.

Michael Phelps says he drank one beer over an hour before car crash, NYDailyNews.com, August 17, 2009

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