Ocean City Traffic Accident News: Several Maryland Drivers Injured in Labor Day Weekend Car Crashes

Vacations and holidays are a great opportunity to take the family out for a drive to a favorite beach, campground or picnic location. Unfortunately, holiday traffic throughout Maryland can be frought with potential accidents which can complicate a normally fun and carefree excursion. As a Baltimore and Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyer, I know how certain factors can result in an unforeseen automobile or commercial truck accident.

Whether vacationers are driving a passenger car, minivan or going solo on their motorcycle, danger on the roadways is still present regardless of the occasion. And injuries caused by careless or drunken drivers can ruin a family outing, not to mention a family’s future happiness and security. We’ve seen too many husbands, wives, children and grandparents hurt unnecessarily as a result of a tragic motor vehicle collision.

During Labor Day weekend there were numerous traffic accidents across the state of Maryland. According to a report out of Ocean County, MD, half a dozen people alone were injured in several different traffic accidents on Labor Day itself. Based on reports, car crashes in the resort town included pedestrian-auto accident and a hit-and-run crash.

While none of the injuries were believed to be life threatening, the weekend in Ocean County saw six people hospitalized due to accidents. Based on news reports, a string of crashes began around 12pm with a two-vehicle collision along the Route 90 bridge. That head-on crash resulted in four individuals — two from each vehicle — being sent to area hospitals, according to officials.

Later, just after 3pm a motor vehicle hit a motorcycle in what was described as a hit-and-run accident at the intersection of Seventh and Baltimore streets. The collision resulted in the rider of the bike being hospitalized. According to news reports, the passenger on that bike was lucky uninjured.

Not long after that motorcycle-car accident, a pedestrian was reportedly struck by a vehicle along Second Street. The accident, which occurred around 5pm on Monday, was still under investigation by the Ocean City Police Department, which was handling investigation of all of those incidents due to their having occurred with municipal limits.

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