Ocean City, MD, Accident News: Drunk Maryland Man Causes Rear-end Injury Accident on Route 90

Rear-end traffic accidents can cause multiple injuries to the occupants of the vehicles involved in the crash. The effects of these injuries, which can include neck and spinal trauma, can linger for months in not years following the initial car wreck. As a Maryland auto accident attorney representing individuals across the state, as well as in Washington, D.C., I understand the pain and discomfort that can haunt automobile accident victims throughout their lives.

A recent news article illustrated one of the more frequent causes of traffic accidents — a drunken driver. Driving while intoxicated is not a safe way to operate a motor vehicle. In fact, as many people know, the Maryland State Police, local law enforcement agencies and the state’s court system all take a dim view of individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol, much less cause injury accidents when inebriated.

According to news reports, a traffic accident along Route 90 near Ocean City was apparently caused by a man accused of driving drunk. Based on police reports, a vehicle operated by a 19-year-old motorist collided with second car on a Thursday morning resulting in minor injuries to the driver of the other vehicle.

According to the news, the wreck occurred at about 8am when Zachary Wagner’s 1998 Honda Accord rear-ended another car driven by 55-year-old Cathy Peacher of Hebron, MD. Police said that Peacher was in an eastbound lane of Rte. 90 apparently waiting at the traffic signal at St. Martins Neck Road. Police reports indicate that Wagner collided with the woman’s 2007 Chevrolet Malibu.

Wagner, a resident of Timonium, MD, failed to reduce his speed and reportedly hit the Chevy from behind. The force of the crash pushed Peacher’s car into an electrical box causing a local power outage, according to State Police. Emergency responders arriving on the scene likely treated Preacher after which she was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Wagner, who is a student at Salisbury University, was arrested by police and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

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