Mother Killed in Pedestrian Accident, Three-Year-Old Daughter Survives

In a tragic accident that occurred earlier this month in Riverdale, a young mother was killed and her three-year-old daughter injured when they were hit as they were crossing the street. According to a report by WUSA9, the accident occurred on the 5800 block of Riverdale Road on a Monday afternoon.

Evidently, the woman and her daughter were crossing the street at a crosswalk when the accident occurred. Witnesses to the accident state that the two were attempting to cross a three-lane road, and drivers in two of the three lanes stopped to let them pass. However, a driver in the third lane did not stop or slow down and hit the mother and child.

Witnesses also told police that the driver was either texting or talking on the phone at the time of the accident. Police are conducting a full investigation into the accident and have not charged the driver as of yet. The driver did remain on the scene after the accident.

Both the mother and the daughter were taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the mother did not pull through and passed away later that evening. Her daughter did survive, however.

The intersection is known to those who frequent it as an especially dangerous place for pedestrians. While there is a crosswalk present, some say that a crosswalk is not enough, and that flashing yellow lights or a traffic signal are needed to make the intersection safer for pedestrians.

Distracted Driving on Maryland Roads

According to the witness accounts, it seems as though the driver who hit the mother and child was on her phone at the time of the accident. This likely is what prevented her from seeing the pair crossing the street, ultimately resulting in the young mother’s death.

In Maryland, it is actually illegal to talk on the phone or text while driving a car. This means that a driver who causes an accident while talking or texting can more easily be held liable for the damages he or she caused because the conduct that caused the accident is specifically prohibited by law.

Other kinds of distracted driving behavior may not be specifically prohibited by law, such as talking to a passenger, daydreaming, or changing the radio station. However, this does not mean that a driver who causes an accident while engaging in these behaviors cannot be held liable for his or her actions.

The bottom line is that, to be successful at trial, an accident victim must prove that the driver was negligent. If the other driver’s behavior was against the law, it makes proving negligence easier. That doesn’t mean that a driver cannot be found negligent for other behavior as well.

Have You Been Injured by a Negligent Driver?

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