Maryland State Trooper and Two Others Injured in Dorchester County Car Crash on Route 50

A serious traffic accident can happen to anyone, anytime and almost anywhere. A recent news report shows that not only everyday motorists can be hurt or killed in truck or car crashes, experienced and highly trained law enforcement professional can also be hurt. Injuries from highway collisions can range from bruises and minor cuts to head and brain injuries. It’s not uncommon for a person to be seriously injured and later die from those injuries in the hospital.

According to reports, 39-year-old Trooper Kenneth Myers Jr. and another Maryland State Trooper were carrying out traffic enforcement duties on Route 50 around mid-day on January 19 when the accident occurred. Police reports indicate that Myers, of the Easton State Police Barrack, was driving an unmarked police car eastbound on Route 50. The 2006 Ford Crown Victoria carrying the two troopers was chasing another vehicle that was exceeding the posted speed limit and traveling around 80mph.

Details at the time of the news reports were not completely clear, however it is known that Myers cruiser hit a 2004 Toyota Avalon driven by 75-year-old Marjorie MacSorely at the intersection of routes 50 and 731 shortly after noon, according to reports. Based on police statements, it appears that MacSorely’s vehicle pulled into the path of the oncoming police cruiser.

Police could say how fast Myers, who has been working for the state police for four years, was driving at the time of the vehicle collision. Crash scene investigators will be going over all of the evidence to determine the cause of the wreck, and it is not know if the Myers had activated the emergency signal equipement on his cruiser or if the patrol vehicle’s lights were working correctly or faulty. Police spokesmen said that the crash was serious and “something that we certainly don’t want to ever have happened,” said Greg Shipley of the Maryland State Police.

First responders to the crash scene treated Myers, who was then flown to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. According to reports, a second Maryland State Police helicopter transported MacSorely to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. The woman’s daughter, 50-year-old Kathy MacSorely of Trappe, MD, was taken to PRMC by ambulance.

All three victims were reported to be in stable condition at the time of the news article.

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