Maryland Rear-End Accident Takes the Lives of Five People

In a tragic accident out of Oxon Hill, five people lost their lives when a Mercedes rear-ended an Acura at a traffic signal. According to one report by the New York Daily News, it is one of the worst accidents that the area has seen. In fact, several emergency responders on the scene that day have sought counseling as a result of what they saw.

Evidently, it was a rainy evening in Oxon Hill when the accident occurred. The Mercedes slammed into the back of an Acura that was waiting at a red light. All four of the passengers inside the Acura were killed. One of the two passengers inside the Mercedes was also killed. Both of the drivers, however, survived.

Witnesses claimed that the accident was “indescribable,” and people from up to two blocks away reported hearing the collision. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the driver of the Mercedes and the one surviving passenger crawling out of the burning car on their elbows.

This is one of the few accidents in the area claiming five or more lives, according to responding officers. In fact, the officer interviewed for the New York Daily News story mentioned above had never seen a five-fatality accident in his time on the force.

Police are still investigating the tragic accident and will determine who, if anyone, should be charged after the investigation is complete. Thus far, police believe that speed and weather were both factors in the fatal car accident.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents are among the more common types of accidents and can range from a minor fender bender to a serious or fatal accident like the one described above. Most often, fatal rear-end accidents that occur at a high speed are the result of either distracted, drunk, or drowsy driving.

Although the investigation is far from complete, police believe that both speed and weather were factors in the accident. Of course, any time high speeds are involved, the potential for an accident to become fatal grows exponentially.

Determining Who Is at Fault

After the police conduct their investigation, they will likely come to a conclusion about who was at fault in the accident. Given the facts presented, it is most likely that the Mercedes driver will be found to be at fault because that driver rear-ended the Acura that was stopped at a traffic signal.

Most often, when a driver hits another from behind, the driver in the rear is responsible for the accident. While there are exceptions to this general rule, they are fairly uncommon.

Have You Been Rear-Ended in a Maryland Accident?

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