Maryland Police Accident Blotter: Two Injury Accidents in Glen Bernie Send Victims to Hospital

Seeing as many automobile and trucking accident news stories as we do, one would think that I and my colleagues would become inured to the fate of these people and their families, but the opposite is more likely the case. As Maryland personal injury lawyers, the legal professionals at my firm are cognizant of the trials and heartache that individuals and families go through any time a loved one is hurt or killed in a senseless traffic accident.

Whether a crash occurs here in Maryland or over in The District, the same feelings of helplessness and vulnerability can affect any number of victims or surviving family members. Besides the potential hospital bills from conditions ranging from compound fractures and deep lacerations to spinal cord injuries and closed-head trauma, there also remains the emotional scars of the traffic accident that placed a family’s loved one in a possibly precarious and life-threatening position.

The following news items are just the tip of the iceberg, where thousands of regular people going about normal everyday lives get swept up in a perfect storm of pain, strife and possible financial pressure all because another individual, who they had never met, made a faulty decision or negligent act that brought both parties together in a serious and sometimes fatal car, truck or motorcycle wreck. Many of these news stories are not easy to take, but they do point up the fragility of life and the need for constant vigilance when driving in and around our state.

Mid-week Pasadena Car Crash Injures Two People on Rte 100

According to news reports, two individuals apparently received minor to serious bodily injuries following a crash along a stretch of Rte 100 in Pasadena, MD. Based on information out of the Anne Arundel Fire Department, the accident took place on a Thursday morning near Mountain Road. Responding to calls of a traffic collision, EMS crews arrived at the scene to find a 17-year-old boy and another unidentified male injured as a result of the crash.

Based on news reports, first responders arrived a little after 7am and apparently treated the two victims prior to taking them to local hospitals. The teenager who was hurt was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma where he was admitted in serious but not life-threatening condition. The other individual was taken to Baltimore Washington Medical Center in Glen Burnie with minor injuries.

Head Injury Results from Two-Car Crash in Glen Burnie

The next day, on a Friday night, an automobile crash took place in the Glen Burnie area, according to Police reports. The accident happened on Elvaton Rd. near Shetlands Ln. and involved two separate vehicles. Based on news reports, the incident took place a little past 7pm when two motor vehicles collided, seriously injuring the passenger of one of the vehicles. An Anne Arundel Police Department spokesperson explained that the injured man received what was described as a serious head injury as a result of the incident.

Police and other emergency responders arrived at the scene and apparently took the one, unnamed victim to Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore. That man was later reported to be in stable condition, according to news reports. At the time of the news article, there were no additional details and a traffic accident investigation was still ongoing.

Man Suffers Head Injury in 2-Car Crash,, May 5, 2012
Morning Accident Leaves 2 Injured in Pasadena,, May 3, 2012

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