Maryland Pedestrian Accident News: LaPlata Man Killed in Fatal Charles County Hit-and-Run Collision

If it seems that there have been a lot of auto-pedestrian traffic accidents these days, you wouldn’t be wrong. And for anyone living in Baltimore, Annapolis, the District or Rockville, it should come as no surprise at all that our city streets are veritable killing fields when it comes to persons on foot or riding bicycles. This is only a guess, but these serious and sometimes deadly pedestrian collisions are only going to get worse before people really sit up and take notice.

As Maryland automobile and trucking accident attorneys, we’re continually dismayed by the number of fatal and near-fatal car, truck and motorcycle accidents in this state. Folks hurt or killed while traveling on foot have sadly become just another column in the sad tally of traffic wrecks across Maryland. A smaller, but no less important group, would be those individuals struck by hit-and-run drivers.

Scanning the various news sources recently, we saw an article detailing yet another in a string of these hit-and-run accidents that have killed another of Maryland’s residents. This particular incident took place in Charles County, where a 57-year-old LaPlata man lost his life to an apparently thoughtless and negligent driver.

According to reports, police were still looking for a late 1990s full-size Ford pickup truck or SUV with a gray-colored front grille that has been damaged along with the vehicle’s passenger-side headlamp area. The crash occurred along a stretch of Rte 6, not far from Perry Rd., as the victim, Darrel Sallie, was walking westbound and apparently struck from behind by an unknown vehicle. Police reports indicated that the driver of the suspect vehicle did not remain at the scene nor did anyone report a pedestrian crash at that location.

Charles County sheriff’s department officials carrying out the investigation were unsure as to the exact time of the deadly traffic collision, but stated that the victim was last seen around 8pm on a Thursday evening. Police found the man’s body just after 11am the next morning after receiving a report of a man lying near the roadway.

Pronounced dead at the scene, Sallie’s body was transported to Maryland’s Medical Examiner’s office in Baltimore for an autopsy, according to police reports.

Cops seeking driver in pedestrian killing,, March 30, 2011

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