Maryland Motorist Charged with Drunk Driving and Two Accidents Traveling the Wrong Way on I-70

Drunk driving can and does cause tragic results. It’s amazing, then, that an 84-year-old Maryland motorist who police believe was driving under the influence of alcohol, did not kill anyone when he unknowingly drove the wrong way on Interstate 70 recently. As auto and truck accident attorneys, I and my colleagues have seen first-hand the results of similar events. This one, thank goodness, did not result in any fatalities or serious injuries, for that matter.

According to reports, Carroll Wayne Broome of Hagerstown was apparently intoxicated when he entered I-70 just after noontime on Monday, November 16, and drove eastbound through opposing traffic. Police say that Broome caused two separate accidents near exit 28 (near Maryland’s Route 632) and exit 29 (near route 65).

Surprisingly, no serious injuries were reported, according to reports. Law enforcement officials said that the first accident occurred when two other vehicles collided after Broome’s vehicle caused the other drivers to swerve to avoid the man near exit 28. The second accident occurred when a car, which was grazed by the man’s blue passenger vehicle, rear-ended another car that had slowed down to avoid a collision.

Reports indicate that Peter Nicklas Jr., 36, of Hagerstown — involved in the second accident — was taken by the Halfway Volunteer Fire Department to Washington County Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released. According to police, no one else suffered injuries that were serious enough to warrant a hospital visit.

News articles stated that a Maryland Department of Natural Resources officer found Broome’s car stopped in the median and facing the wrong was along the westbound lanes of I-70 just east of exit 29.

Troopers arriving at the scene gave Broome several field sobriety tests. They reportedly arrested the man and took him to the Maryland State Police barrack south of Hagerstown for processing. He was released pending a mandatory appearance in court.

Man charged with DUI after allegedly causing two accidents on I-70,, November 16, 2009

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