Maryland Man Struck and Killed on I-695 in Rosedale, MD, in Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Being a Maryland personal injury lawyer and automobile accident attorney practicing in the Baltimore area, my firm has the experience and skill to represent individuals hurt as a result of another driver’s negligence. We also help families of victims killed in motorcycle crashes, passenger car wrecks, or commercial truck accidents. It goes without saying that fatal pedestrian accidents can be quite disturbing for the victims’ families.

While there are many factors to consider in every automobile accident case, it is important to remember that as drivers, we all have a responsibility to be observant when it comes to watching out for pedestrians. Certainly, when a person uses a designated crosswalk, there is a relative expectation of safety for the individuals crossing the roadway. Pedestrian accidents can and do happen with sometimes tragic results.

But every case is different, which is why we rely on police reports, eye witness testimony and other knowledgeable sources. A recent traffic accident shows what can happen under all the wrong circumstances. According to news reports, a 41-year-old Rosedale, MD, resident was unexpectedly killed along Interstate 695 when he was struck by a passing vehicle.

Police reports showed that Alvarino D. Vigil was apparently trying to walk back to his residence somewhere off the expressway after leaving his disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the interstate, near the I-95 interchange. Police believe Vigil was struck by the other vehicle as he was trying to cross the merging lane from I-95, police said.

The report coming out of the Maryland State Police headquarters stated that the driver of the vehicle that struck Vigil suffered only minor injuries. She was transported to Franklin Square Hospital where she was treated and subsequently released.

Although the accident was still under investigation at the time of the news article, police investigators believe that the accident was not a result of speed or alcohol, but likely due to pedestrian error.

Man Hit, Killed By Car On Beltway,, June 29, 2010

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