Maryland Man Sent to Hospital with Head Injuries after Washington County Police Chase

An out-of-state driver being pursued by police recently caused another innocent motorist to be hurt during a chase that ended with the suspect’s vehicle lying on its side. As a Baltimore auto accident attorney, I know how an unsuspecting driver can become a hapless victim of someone else’s mistake or misdeed. In this particular case, the victim received various injuries which required him to be transported to the hospital for treatment and observation.

According to news reports, a police chase ended badly for one man after his sport utility vehicle hit one vehicle and crashed into a utility pole. The incident began when a Maryland state police trooper observed the driver of a late model Honda Pilot operating his vehicle in “an aggressive manner” around 8:30am in Funkstown, MD.

The officer then saw the driver pull up to a red traffic signal behind two cars at the intersection of Baltimore Street and Edgewood Drive. Surprisingly, the man pulled past the two stopped vehicles and drove through the red light. According to police reports, the driver headed northbound on Edgewood Drive, but just prior to reaching Dual Highway he apparently made an abrupt U-turn and started going back south.

The Pilot allegedly hit a Jeep that was stopped in traffic, swerved and then hit a small wall at the intersection of Edgewood Drive and Stouffer Avenue. The vehicle ran into a nearby utility pole before rolling onto its side. The driver ended up in the hospital with a head injury as a result.

The driver, identified as 21-year-old Brian P. Bennett, kicked out one of the windows on the Honda and attempted to flee from the officer, who drew his weapon and ordered the man to lie on the ground. Once in custody, Bennett was charged with 13 different counts, including exceeding the speed limit, negligent driving, reckless driving, driving on suspended license, failure to stop after an accident and attempting to elude a uniformed police officer.

Chase ends in crash in Funkstown,, March 18, 2010

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