Maryland Driver’s Ed Vehicle Involved in Three-vehicle Collision near Salisbury, MD

Driving in and around Maryland can sometimes be a treacherous experience for some people. With the number of motor vehicle collisions, not to mention bicyclists or pedestrians hit by cars or trucks, there may be a strong argument for staying home. And while becoming a voluntary shut-in is not a practical solution, there are things that people can do to reduce their chances of being caught in a crash with another car or commercial delivery vehicle.

As Maryland personal injury lawyers, I and my legal staff represent individuals hurt in all manner of accidents throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. When it comes to automobile, commercial truck and even motorcycle accidents, we have heard the horror stories of victims and their families. One common thread is likely to be heard from most anyone hurt or seriously injured in a car or trucking-related wreck: “We never saw it coming.”
While this may be true in many instances, there are likely those individuals who may have realized, albeit all too late, that a collision was impending. One thing is certain; most anyone who has avoided being involved in a traffic accident most likely was keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding vehicles. This is not to say that being aware of one’s surrounding is a fool-proof method for staying out of harm’s way, but it could help.

With the stakes so high, anything we do as drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bystanders would be well worth the extra effort. A stay in the hospital is not something most people would like to experience. But with common injuries like severe lacerations, compound fractures, internal injuries and closed-head trauma, a hospital stay is quite often inevitable following a bad car, truck or motorcycle accident.

If there was any one word that described most of the traffic collisions that happen every day in cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, Rockville and even the District, it would likely be “unpredictability.” A news article from a little while back pointed out the random way in which various individuals are thrown together by a traffic wreck. According to news reports, this particular accident took place in Salisbury, MD, when a FedEx semi rig collided with a Federated Auto Parts delivery truck afternoon a stretch of N.Salisbury Blvd.

The crash, which also involved a local driving school vehicle carrying an instructor and student driver, happened on a Tuesday afternoon. Although no serious injuries were reported, an ambulance was dispatched to the scene of the crash just in case. Based on police reports, the collision occurred just after 2pm near a Pep Boys store adjacent to Northwood Dr.

Apparently, the auto parts delivery vehicle had what sounds like a low-speed head-on collision with the 18-wheeler, which then resulted in the driving school vehicle colliding with the delivery truck. In the aftermath, the tractor-trailer was facing east along the roadway, while the delivery truck (a light-duty pickup truck from the sound of it) and the driving school vehicle were facing west in the street.

Whatever the cause, this could have been a much worse accident had speeds been higher, such as on one of Maryland’s interstate highways. At the time of the new article, accident investigators from the Salisbury PD were still going over the evidence to determine the exact cause and whether any charges would be pressed against one or more of the drivers.

3-vehicle wreck in Salisbury involves driver-training car,, March 27, 2012

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