Maryland Car Accident News: Bus Passengers Injured after Baltimore Traffic Collision

Depending on the speed of a car or truck accident, injuries to the occupants of the vehicles can be substantial. Seatbelts, also known as safety belts, provide a first line of defense against severe injury or death. Bus accidents are particularly dangerous since passengers rarely use or even have seatbelts available to them. Being a Maryland auto accident and personal injury lawyer, I know how critical using seatbelts is to passenger survival.

According to a recent news report, eight people were injured as a result of a bus-car crash in Baltimore, MD. The motor vehicle accident occurred in the early morning of December 19. Based on that report, Maryland police personnel along with EMS emergency crews arrived at the accident scene not long after the crash. The bus involved in the wreck was carrying individuals with special needs, according to police.

The crash, which took place at 8am on the 3200 block of Philadelphia Road in Baltimore, was apparently caused by a small passenger sedan that had rear-ended a taxi, which had stopped on the road prior to the accident. Police reported that following the collision, the sedan subsequently crossed the road’s center line, heading into the oncoming traffic lane where it struck the special needs bus.

There were eight victims who sustained injuries in the crash. Emergency crews helped to transport eight people to local medical facilities for treatment of their injuries. Two of the eight victims were transported via ambulance to the Shock Trauma center. Two more victims were transported to Bayview Medical Center, while four others were transported to Upper Chesapeake for treatment by medical personnel.

The identity of the driver in the passenger car was not immediately know, nor were the extent of that person’s injuries. As for the others injured in the accident, healthcare officials at the various medical facilities had not released the identities or the condition of those delivered to hospitals in the area.

8 Injured In Collision Involving Bus,, December 29, 2009

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