Maryland Car Accident Law News: Never Assume a Minor Car or Truck Crash Causes Only Minor Injuries

Having seen a number of car, commercial truck and SUV collisions over the past few months, it’s important to remind anyone who has been involved in a recent traffic accident that bodily injuries sustained as a result of a crash should never be compared to the damage that your vehicle may have received.

Why do I say this? The reason is simple, many insurance companies will attempt to paint a victims level of injury with the same brush as that of the vehicle involved in the accident. There is rarely a correlation between the two. And even if there was, you should always consult with a qualified Maryland injury attorney before signing any documents related to the accident.

Having represented hundreds of car-crash victims, I and my staff know that it is very easy for the occupant of a passenger vehicle to become seriously hurt in a traffic accident even though the repairs to the vehicle itself are relatively minor.

When it comes to traffic accidents, human beings aren’t nearly as robust as an iron and steel automobile. Still, defense attorneys and insurance companies tend to make the familiar, yet always deceptive argument that equates vehicle damage to bodily injury. Do not accept this reasoning under any circumstances.

Whether you live in Glen Burnie, the District, Annapolis, or Baltimore, car accidents can and do happen anywhere, any time — some with horrendous results. Insurance companies will typically attempt to downplay the severity of an accident in an effort to get a reduced settlement for the victim and his family. Very often, they will introduce evidence such as out-of-focus snapshots of the vehicle’s damage, sometimes not even showing the worst aspects of the crash.

With these kinds of techniques, you likely won’t see the lawyers for the insurance company bringing any experts to testify about the direct and causal relationships between the amount of property damage and the extent of the victim’s personal injuries. It’s well known in the medical field that brain trauma as well as neck injuries can result from accidents that result in only slight or moderate damage to the vehicle itself.

My suggestion is not to become one of the hundreds of car crash victims who settle for less than what they deserve simply on the say so of an insurance company representative. Your future and the future happiness of your family is worth the time and effort to consult a professional legal expert. Don’t shortchange yourself unnecessarily.

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