Maryland Car Accident and Personal Injury Update: What Follows a Serious Car or Truck Crash

For motorists here in Maryland who find themselves in the unenviable position of being caught in a serious injury accident involving another vehicle, such as a passenger car, city bus or commercial delivery truck, the pain of one’s injuries can be just the beginning of a long road to recovery — both physically and financially.

Whether one lives in Rockville, Annapolis, Gaithersburg or the District, a percentage of drivers will likely find themselves in a car or trucking accident sometime in the course of their driving career. The extent of that car, truck or motorcycle accident will depend on numerous factors, but those of a serious nature may have a significant impact on the victim and his or her family.

As Baltimore automobile accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers, my firm has a well-grounded knowledge of the law as well as the experience to know that most any car, truck or cycle wreck can result in an uphill battle with insurance companies and negligent parties.

When it comes to negligent individuals, such as a livery driver, commercial trucker, or even another passenger car driver who might have been distracted while talking or texting on their cellphone, these people already have their own representation through their insurance companies.

Surprisingly to many people is the fact that even if a driver was allegedly doing something wrong or was negligent in their responsibility as the operator of another motor vehicle, that individual who may have caused the accident — and the precipitating injuries to other — is almost always represented by a lawyer provided by their insurance company.

As auto accident and personal injury lawyers, we know that even negligent drivers have the resources of a large insurance company behind them. In fact, it is the job of corporate lawyers to keep the injured party, or plaintiff, from receiving fair compensation for his or her injuries sustained as a result of the negligent party’s actions.

As personal injury specialists, our job is to represent victims of car and truck collisions so that they can recover costs incurred in the treatment of serious medical cause by a traffic accident. These costs include hospital treatment, extended rehabilitation and physical therapy bills.

Injuries ranging from laceration and soft tissue damage to spinal cord injury and closed-head trauma can all be the result of a automobile or motorcycle accident, which can also result persistent or chronic medical and physical troubles that may last for a lifetime. It’s no surprise that some accidents that injure a child or parent can affect the well-being of the entire family for months or years.

Of the many injuries that can be sustained by occupants of a passenger car, light truck or minivan during a serious highway collision, these can include shoulder, arm or wrist fractures; herniated spinal discs; tearing of the rotator cuff, broken femur, tibia or ankle; ruptured spleen or injury to the other internal organs, not to mention partial or permanent paralysis.

As car and truck accident attorneys serving the residents of Maryland and Washington, D.C., we have seen a wide range of physical and emotional injuries that victims of traffic accidents suffer. Since we can’t personally prevent these seemingly senseless events from occurring, we can only hope to lend our expertise and help represent accident victims as they try to recoup the many and varied costs incurred as a result of another individual’s negligence.

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