Maryland Auto Injury News: Three Restaurant Customers Injured When Car Crashes into Building

Anyone who watches the evening news will agree that you don’t have to be riding in a motor vehicle to be hurt as a result of a car crash. Pedestrians and bicycle riders are two groups of people that are constantly in the news due to traffic-related injuries. As a Maryland auto accident attorney and personal injury lawyer, I also can say that when it comes to car-versus-person impacts, the car or commercial truck almost always wins.

Frankly, it’s not uncommon to see fatalities in cases where pedestrians have been hit by an oncoming car, truck or city bus. Some people don’t even see the accident coming, especially in cases like the one in the news not long ago. According to reports, two diners at a local Mexican restaurant were sent to the hospital after a passenger car drove through the front of the building.

Police reports indicate that a Honda Accord crashed through the glassed-in entryway of La Promesa Taco Shop on York Road just before 3am on a Sunday morning. News reports show that around 30 people were in the restaurant at the time of the accident. Based on reports, witnesses said that the Honda drove through an adjacent Jiffy Lube facility then went over a curb and drove across the restaurant’s parking lot before hitting the building.

In all, three customers were injured as a result of the errant vehicle. Two of those people were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries. One patron had his foot run over by the car, which entered the building and stopped nearly halfway in. That person was taken to Greater Baltimore Medical Center after being injured. At the time of the article, Baltimore County police did not have the name of the driver or the specific cause of the accident, such as defective brakes or other vehicle equipment malfunction.

Three injured in La Promesa car crash,, 31 October 2010

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