Maryland Auto Injury News: Drinking and Driving Suspected in Fatal Rockville, MD, Traffic Accident

With the holidays not far away, this may be a good time to remind everyone to be especially cautious when driving this winter. From the standpoint of traffic accidents, after-work parties, holiday gatherings and other festivities always invite some amount of alcohol consumption. While most Maryland residents are aware of the way in which beer, wine and hard liquor can impair a driver’s judgment, some individuals choose to ignore that fact and drive anyway.

As a Baltimore automobile accident and personal injury lawyer, I and my colleagues have seen the results of more than enough DWI and DUI accidents to know that it’s not worth the risk to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Passenger car crashes, motorcycle wrecks and commercial trucking collisions have all been caused from time to time by a drunken or drug-impaired driver.

The seriousness of any accident will typically impact the number and extent of any injuries sustained by the occupants of each vehicle involved in the collision. Depending on the kind of accident — head-on crash, rollover, side-impact collision, etc. — passengers can receive mild to severe injuries. From minor cuts and bruises to heavy concussions and spinal trauma, the potential for extensive and prolonged medical treatment is always present.

Not long ago, two people traveling on foot during the early morning hours on a Sunday were killed by a passing vehicle. According to police, the double pedestrian fatality occurred just before 3:30am when the two victims were in a crosswalk on Rockville Pike near the White Flint Metro station in Rockville, MD.

The two were identified as Adam Joseph Hosinski and Rory Joseph Weichbrod, both 26 years old and residents of Silver Spring. Hosinski died at the scene, while Weichbrod was transported to Suburban Hospital where he, too, died from his injuries.

According to police reports, the two victims were hit by a black Acura TSX traveling northbound on Rockville Pike. After the collision, both the driver and passenger got out of the car, perhaps to check on the two men. A witness to the crash followed the car as it drove a short distance, turning right onto Old Georgetown Road before returning to the scene of the accident.

Police on the scene administered a field sobriety test to the driver who was taken into custody on probable cause of driving under the influence. At the time of the article police had not yet charged the driver and were still talking to witnesses. No mention was made as to the driver’s blood-alcohol level at the time of the incident.

Double Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Rockville,, October 11, 2010

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