Maryland Auto Accident Update: Speed Enforcement Cameras Help Police Give Out 8,800 Speeding Citations

There may still be a debate as to whether “speed kills,” but one thing is for certain, the higher the speed the more severe an accident is likely to be. In this regard, speed does make for more deadly auto wrecks. And while automobile accidents are typically caused either by driver error or as a result of faulty or defective equipment, when high vehicle speed is added to the mix, serious injury and sometimes death can result.

While speeding in cities occurs, the speeds involved are not as high as those on rural roads, highways and expressways. High speeds can also contribute to roll-over accidents, especially with vehicles that have high centers of gravity, such as SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and minivans. In construction zones, car-pedestrian accidents can also be caused by excessive vheilce speed. Whatever the cause, speeding doesn’t help the situation.

Recent news indicates that the radar speed cameras in used around the Baltimore area are doing what they’re designed for. According to news articles, Maryland highway officials say nearly 8,800 citations were issued during the first six weeks of the state’s speed camera enforcement program.

Back in November, State officials began photographing vehicles that exceeding the posted speed limit by 12mph or more on three separate stretches of highway marked as work zones. All citations resulting from the campaign included a $40 fine.

To give motorists proper warning, signs were apparently posted in many work zones, regardless of whether a camera was being used, which read, “Speed Photo Enforced: Work Zone.” According to news reports, the cameras were installed in a pair of white Jeeps that rotated among the three locations: Interstate 95 between White Marsh Boulevard and Interstate-895, around the Charles Street exit of Baltimore’s Beltway and along the Intercounty Connector construction area on I-95 in Prince George’s County.

8,800 speed camera citations issued in 6 week,, January 18, 2010

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