Maryland Auto Accident News: Woman Dies, Other Injured in Head-on Crash along Seashore Highway

Head-on collisions are one of the most terrible traffic accidents that can happen. Fatalities are quite common in such instances, while broken bones, head, neck and back injuries, and serious internal injuries are also commonplace. As a Baltimore personal injury attorney and Maryland automobile accident lawyer, I understand well the physical and emotional trauma that can result from such a violent car crash.

The reasons for head-on highway collisions vary as well. Driver error, intoxicated driving, distractions in the vehicle and external factors can lead to a serious and many times fatal accident. Outside of driver error, one possible reason for any kind of traffic accident can be defective vehicle equipment.

Defective automobile equipment and components, such as braking, steering or other critical systems, can fail unexpectedly and cause a driver to lose control of a car, SUV or commercial truck. Poorly designed or incorrectly manufactured car and truck parts can be the source of both serious and minor auto accidents.

Automotive safety equipment, especially should be test and validated to be certain it is ready to perform correctly over tens of thousands of miles. Owners of a variety of defective vehicles have found out the hard way when parts or components have failed prematurely. The lucky ones escape with just some cuts and bruises. Other are not so lucky.

A recent crash on Seashore Highway may or may not have been the result of defective vehicle equipment. The only thing for certain is that one woman died as a result and several others were seriously injured during the accident.

According to news reports, a Baltimore woman was driving east on Route 18 in early July when her vehicle suddenly veered into the oncoming lanes near Bridgeville, MD. The 24-year-old driver died of injuries sustained when her Nissan Altima crashed into a westbound Chevrolet truck just before 8am on a Wednesday morning.

According to local police, Melissa Marie Mohl suffered severe head trauma as a result of the accident. The driver of the truck, 61-year-old Charles Cave Sr. and his passenger 12-year-old Demetrius Price were also injured in the collision. Mohl’s one-year-old son was a passenger in the Nissan. The baby was injured as well.

Emergency personnel arriving at the scene treated the victims, who were transported to local hospitals. Mohl was taken to Nanticoke Hospital where she later died of her injuries. At the time of the news article, the police were still investigating the cuase fo the accident.

Baltimore woman, 24, killed in crash near Bridgeville,, July 11, 2010

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